So, I was able to spend all day Sunday in Chicago with my sister and my niece and it was awesome!  The weather was great.  We walked and walked.  And walked.  After we dropped the car at the hotel (our room wasn’t ready, but we were rather early) we walked down Lakeshore Drive to Michigan Avenue.  We stopped at Water Tower Place and looked around.  Enjoyed lots of sights!  Then we walked down to Millennium Park and saw this…..


I tried to take off my sunglasses for a minute….


Yeah… but I’m not complaining!!!!  So we kept walking.  None of us had ever been to Navy Pier, so we decided to start walking that way.  But we got a little turned around.  Who knew there were dead ends that lead to these views?


Again, not complaining!

So then we went on the big ferris wheel!  Another first for all three of us.  It’s a nice slow ride, takes 7 minutes and you just get one full rotation, so you need to take your pictures when you are there, because you only get the one chance!


Don’t regret that for a moment!!!!

We went back to the hotel after this to freshen up for dinner.  We were able to then meet up with our cousin from Las Vegas and her mama who were in town for a short trip.  It had been WAY too long since we’d seen each other, and we all need to make sure it doesn’t go that long again (almost 4 years for me, almost 21 for my sister!).  Family is so important, and I need to make more time for all of mine, even if we all live 2000 miles apart!!!!

So after dinner we once again walked back to the hotel.  In all, we walked 12.75 miles or something like that according to my sister’s app.  I know it was a lot, but it didn’t even feel like that much until today!  I’ll talk about today tomorrow.  For now, I’m home.  I’m tired.  I have a TON to do tomorrow to get ready for my next road trip on Wednesday!  I can’t wait to see what adventures await for the rest of the week!!!!

Here’s the pic of my beautiful cousin, my adorable sister and myself after dinner.  You can’t go to Chicago and not get Chicago style pizza, right???   It was soooooooo good…..



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