Journey – And I Don’t Mean The Band

Sometimes I make myself laugh… sorry!

We are all on a journey.  Sometimes it’s a fitness journey, but it can be a career journey, school is a journey, relationships are journeys, heck, LIFE is a journey!  Nobody is stuck in their circumstances.  No matter what, WE have the choice to make a change and follow a different path if we so desire.

I was born in the 70’s to two amazing parents.  They weren’t perfect, by any means, but they always loved my little sister and me unconditionally.  I talked about my dad the other day, about the fact that he was an alcoholic.  I know that that fact impacted who I became as an adult.  It still impacts me, 22 years after his death.  I do drink socially, but I am aware of what it does to me and how it effects those around me.  My parents also smoked.  My dad until his death, my mom until just a couple years ago.  She finally quit after about 40 years of smoking, and about 35 years of me bugging her about it!! LOL!  I can tell you, that was a journey all on its own!  Thankfully that was one habit I NEVER picked up, and never will.

I survived all sorts of dangerous things growing up.  Riding bikes with no helmets.  No seatbelts in the family car.  Long car rides with no air conditioning.  Heck, no A/C at home either!  Even those amazingly spiky dangerous lawn darts we would throw around willy nilly!  I’m a survivor.  We are all survivors!  Growing up was certainly a journey.

School came fairly easy to me.  I was “gifted” they said.  I don’t know who “they” are, but I was labeled as such and it stuck.  It was a journey to attend all the college preparatory classes.  It was pretty much assumed I was going to attend college, and I did.  And it was wonderful!  And it, of course, was a journey.  I discovered a lot about myself and the world while I was at college at Western Michigan University (go Broncos!).  I made my best friends there.  I graduated as married woman without a father.  Another journey.

I became a mother shortly after graduating college.  My two sons are the most amazing things I’ve ever done.  They aren’t perfect, they are real.  They have given me more joy, more anguish, more love and more heartache than I ever could have imagined.  As they grow, our relationships change….. another journey.  My husband and I have stuck together over 26 years (married 21) of ups and downs, of sickness and health, and all of it has brought us to where we are now.  Journeying life together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fitness and weight loss is a journey.  It’s one I’ve been on a very long time.  Even before I really committed five years ago, I was on a journey.  I had been up and down with my weight.  Back and forth with my fitness for years.  All of that led up to what I called my “a-ha” moment.  I just couldn’t live the way I was!  So I committed.  I worked my ass off!  I’m still working my ass off, every day.  Some days are easier than others.  Some days I can follow all my rules and really kick my own butt.  Some days I need a kick from others.  Some days, I blow it.  I’m human.  It happens.  But then I get my head back in the game and it continues.

We are all on a journey, but the thing I’ve noticed throughout my life, is that we need people to be there and support us.  Through the thick and thin.  The ups and downs.  We need people!  People to love us, stand by us, kick our butts when we are being stupid…. we just need them.  We need each other!

That’s why I love my running group, my fitness team, my fellow coaches, my family.  Every one of them has an impact on my journey.  I love doing life with others.  I love doing life with whomever is reading this!  Won’t you let me in on how I can have a small impact on your journey?  I’ll tell you exactly how you’ve impacted mine!


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