Quick Monday Check In

Hello Blogland!!!

I hope you all had a great Monday!  It’s FINALLY feeling like the hot July I’m used to around here in West Michigan and for that I’m super excited!  I like hot weather.  For real.  I know, most of my day is spent in air conditioning, so it’s not like I get too hot most of the time, but I love summer!

Summer for me means days at the beach.  Campfires.  S’mores (I can’t remember the last time I had a s’more!).  Watermelon, and of course, Michigan blueberries!

When I was a kid, there was a blueberry farm not far from my house.  Heck, there’s a blueberry farm not far from just about anyone in my county!  But there was one not far that lots of us would go to and pick in the summer for pennies a bucket.  This was how we made money enough to buy stuff like candy and pop at the convenience stores, or if we saved up a lot, something awesome for collection of posters on the walls of our rooms or even maybe a cassette tape of our favorite band!  Yeah, it was the 80’s.  I’m old.

So, blueberries used to mean hot, sweaty days with purple fingers and purple stained t-shirts where our silly friends would have smashed a handful of ripe berries on us just to be funny.  We got paid by the bucket back then, and not nearly enough for the long grueling hours we put in.  Ok, some of us did this more than others.  I preferred to make my money back then by babysitting instead of picking, but I did pick sometimes.

These days I don’t long to pick berries.  In fact, I loathe it.  If I’m going to be outside, I want to be having fun!  After all, my leisure time is limited with a full-time job, a house to take care of, two kids and a husband all while trying to build a business!  It’s not worth my time to pick!  However, I still want a whole bunch of berries to eat!  I love to keep them in my freezer so that any time during the year I can open it up and taste a little bit of sunshine.

Last year I purchased 10 pounds from a local farm, and they were great.  I didn’t pick them.  I paid the price to have someone else pick them for me.  Well worth it!  This year, I have made a new friend at our local running group and she and her family have a blueberry farm!  BONUS!!!  When I mentioned I was in need of 20 pounds of berries once they were ready, she told me to wait until her crop was at it’s peak.  Then, not only did she pick them and box them for me, she DELIVERED them to our running group!  I mean HELLO!!!!  That was worth EVERY penny!!!!

So as I was putting them in the freezer bags and sampling as I went along, I realized that these were the absolute BEST blueberries I have EVER eaten… and I’ve eaten a lot of blueberries!  Apparently this was a great year for them, so if you get a chance… snag some SOON before I eat them all!


What is it about summer that makes you smile?  The sunshine?  The vitamin D boost?  The local produce?  The outdoor adventures???  Whatever it is, make the most of it.  That’s exactly what I plan to do.  Tell me your adventures for the summer!


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