You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do…

Yes, I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday.  I’m almost late in posting this.  But when I tell you why, you’ll probably either feel sorry for me (please don’t, I’m totally fine!) or you’ll laugh along with me (which I completely prefer!).

On Friday of last week I was heading to a meeting, Super Saturday on Friday for Beachbody, to be exact, and it was about 45 minutes away from home.  So my husband was going to pick up our younger son from his job since he doesn’t drive yet, and bring him home while I was gone.  This is no big deal, we do it all the time!

As I’m pulling in to the parking lot of said meeting, I get a text from my husband.  “The brakes went out on the van.  I hit the shed.”  WHAT????  Yeah, so that happened.  The good news is, he and our son are completely fine.  The brake lines have since been replaced and the shed will be repaired likely this weekend.  Nobody was hurt.  He didn’t even hit another car, or a person which would have been horrible!

Anyway, shuffling around cars last night was one reason I didn’t post on time.  No biggie, but it wasn’t fun either.

So last night after much shuffling of cars and all that jazz, I had to pick up the same son from his job.  At 11pm.  Way, way, way past my bedtime!!!  But, he has a job and I’m super proud of how hard he’s working.  He’s also starting driver’s training next Monday which means my days as his chauffer are drawing to a close, at least in about 6-7 months!!!  There’s a light…..

Being I was up so late last night, I had an extremely hard time getting up and getting work done this morning.  I think the reasons are obvious!  I did get up.  I did workout.  I did the absolutely necessary things.  I didn’t have time to write.  I worked at the office like a typical Wednesday.  I went to Run Camp afterward and did an awesome (sort of) ladder workout at the track, with a high school marching band looking on which was a first for me!  I got dinner.  Now I’m actually sitting in the parking lot waiting for that same son to get done with work while I work!


Thank goodness for smartphones, laptops, and mobile hotspots!!!!


So, tomorrow is another day.  Another chance to kick some booty.  Another workout to conquer.  Another day’s worth of meals to control.  Another day to be awesome!  Will you join me on this challenge???  How will you make tomorrow an amazing day?  What will you try that you haven’t before?  I’m dying to know!


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