I woke up in a really good mood today.  Did you?  I didn’t particularly WANT to get my workout done, but once I did, I knew today was going to be amazing!  It just made me smile!

Did you know, that smiling is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for those around you?

Did you know, smiling makes you more attractive and approachable?

Did you know smiling has benefits beyond those silly creases we seem to get as we get older?

Did you smile today?

I was able to spend my day off doing what I wanted to do, which is rare.  Sure, there were some things I had to do.  That’s the life of an adult who isn’t on vacation somewhere amazing!  However, nothing that needed to be done couldn’t be done where and when I wanted.  And so, my day has been amazing.

I was able to head to my favorite spot and take in some sights.

There’s a carnival going on for the annual Coast Guard Festival that happens every summer in our town.  It’s actually a lot of fun!  I didn’t attend often as a kid because our parents really tried to avoid all the traffic and the crowds.  Personally, I love it.

There are boats everywhere here in the summertime.  I’m always dreaming of getting a nice big boat to spend our summers on.  I would love so much to travel all over the Great Lakes on a nice comfortable boat!!  Seeing different harbors and cities along the way.  Exploring the coasts of these amazing waters.  Sounds like the perfect plan to me!

There are big ships in the harbor right now for the festival.  You can tour them for free at several times during each day, they weren’t open when I saw them today, but there are usually long lines.  I’ve done it.  It’s fascinating!  Nothing like seeing the bridge of a ship up close and personal!

There’s quite a breeze blowing today. The waves were pretty choppy while I was on the pier.  I was getting sprayed and kids were giggling… it was really beautiful and fun to be out there!  There are red flag warnings at the beach about the rip currents today, but that didn’t keep the swimmers away.

I spent a little time under a shady tree near the marina with my computer and a chair and a good book.  Life is good.  Learning is amazing.  Working when and where I want to is something I can totally get behind!  I know I’ve found the perfect mix for me!

Above all, I’m smiling.  Smiling is my favorite.

Did you smile today?  How can I make you smile????

(Having technical difficulties with my picture sharing thing tonight, I’ll try to fix it!!!)


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