End Of The Weekend…

I honestly wish it wasn’t already here.  The end of the weekend.

I had a great weekend!  Dinner Friday night with my awesome husband.  Running with my group on Saturday morning followed by a reunion/picnic with some college friends.  Then fireworks for the Coast Guard Festival that evening!  I was outside all day and it was glorious!

Today I was able to sleep in until I had to take my son to work.  Then took the other son to get some supplies for his new JOB!  Yes, he’s finally getting a real grown-up job!  About time, he’s 19 after all, and is choosing not to do college.  It’s just not for him, and that’s ok.  So on Tuesday, he is starting a full time job and after next week, he will be done with the part time pizza place job that keeps calling to tell him they don’t need him.  Yeah, it’s been a frustrating few months, but at least he’s finally moving on.

Because I was gone all day yesterday, I was just exhausted today and didn’t get done everything I wanted, but isn’t that how it goes?   Never enough time!  No excuses, my new challenge group is starting tomorrow and we will be off and running first thing!  At least I got to the grocery store today!  That will help!

Sometimes I wish I had longer weekends.  More time to schedule the things I want to do, less of what I have to do.  I’m working toward a goal where I won’t have to cater to anyone else’s schedule but my own!  Yes, I’ll still be working hard, but I’ll be doing it on my terms.  It sounds amazing, difficult, but I know it’s possible.  I’ve seen my friends do it.  I will be there.  Soon.  Until then, I’ll keep busting my butt to get done the tough work of actually building my team!

What does that mean?  I want to inspire people to be healthy and live amazing fulfilled lives!  How can they do that?  Well, there are lots of ways, but I do have an amazing line of products to help!  Want to know more?  Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought!  Leave me a comment or email me so we can chat!!!  For real, this team is just getting started and I am looking for more people who want to help other people and so on…. as a team, we can change the world!!!!

Let’s build a life full of amazing weekends, that last longer than two days!  Who’s with me????


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