Clean Eating? What’s That?

I’m getting this comment a lot from my friends lately!  See, I’m starting a new 5 day clean eating challenge on Facebook for any of my clients, current or new, that want to get their food back on track. Sometimes people just don’t know where to start, and I was one of them.  So I figured if I can offer a free challenge to help get their food under control I would be happy to do that!  You want in?  Email me or comment below!  I’d love to have you… and I’ll be doing this once a month, so if you’re not ready, there’s always next month!

So, what is clean eating anyway?  Basically, eating “clean” means you eat real food.  Nothing processed.  Well, as little as possible.

What will you be eating?  Fruit!  Vegetables!  Lean protein!  Nuts!  Whole grains!  As long as you’re not allergic and don’t have specific dietary needs, those are all on the plan.  What’s not on the plan?  Soda (pop for my Michigan friends), candy, ice cream (sorry!), alcohol…. it’s just five days, don’t panic!  And yes, you WILL be full.  And yes, this is a short challenge, but if you continue on the path I will show you, you will be on the right track to a lifestyle change to be the healthy and fitter version of yourself!!!  It’s possible!  I’ve done it!

Don’t believe me???


Yes, that was me.  I was overweight, out of shape, exhausted…. until I learned how to eat and how to love working out! Reaching my weight loss goals was something I always thought was out of my reach, until I found the support of my coach and my team!  It can be done!  It can be done without gimmicks and wraps and pills and potions…. it’s about food and hard work!  Simple, yet not easy.  But it’s much easier with support.  That’s the one key ingredient most people miss out on!  The good news is, my support is free, and it’s all for you!

Seriously.  Free.

Are you ready??  I’m ready to help!  Let’s do this together!!!!!


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