You Can’t Have Too Many….

Shoes, that is!!!

Yes, it’s true.  I have a lot of shoes.  A lot.  All kinds.  Dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, boots (lots of boots), and of course, workout and running shoes!

So, what’s the difference???  Glad you asked!

You see, a running shoe is a shoe that is designed to go in one direction.  Forward.  Usually on a stable surface (unless you’re trail running, in which case there are shoes designed for that too!).  But in general, running shoes are made for one purpose, and it’s to help you run.

There are all kinds of styles of running shoes, and what kind you should get depends completely on YOU!  Getting your gait analyzed, having your feet evaluated by a professional, is so important.  Get to your local running store asap if you’re even considering getting in to running!  It will really make a difference between loving running and getting injured and hating it!

Now, I love running, but I love to do other things as well.  These other things are considered cross training.  Cross training is so important to an athlete!  It makes us stronger, usually faster, it can help our flexibility too!  Don’t discount cross training, no matter what form you take.  I love it, and so does my body!  But, for some cross training workouts, you need different shoes.

Why is that?  Because agility workouts like Insanity, dancing, biking… all these require you using your feet and legs in different ways.  Insanity, for instance, uses lots of side to side movements, jumping, squatting.  You need a stable base, you need your feet to be protected, but you also need lateral support.  Running shoes do not offer that type of support, which is why you shouldn’t wear your running shoes to do a workout like Plyo (P90X) or Friday Night Fight (from Insanity Max:30).  You’re just asking for an injury, and that’s NOT acceptable!

Running shoe:


Cross trainer:


You can really even see the difference in the upper part of the shoe!

So, I was invited by my local running store (shout out to Gazelle Sports, best people and service EVER!) to come to demo day at the track!  We had the chance to try out several shoes from several vendors and actually run laps around the track in them to see how they felt!  The best thing was, you could tell in just 400 meters exactly which shoes you should be in!  I found a few new styles that I really want to get in my closet, like NOW!!!!  But I tried a few that were obviously not for me, I could feel it in my ankles or knees…. and that’s exactly why they do this type of event!

How many shoes do you have?  How many do you wear?  Do you know that it’s possible for me to change my shoes 4-5 times in ONE DAY????  Yeah, definitely not uncommon.  Usually more like 3, but you know a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!!!

Life is short.  Buy the shoes!


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