Memories…. Like The Corners Of… Nevermind.

Ok, I’m a music nerd.  I’m sure you’ll figure that out once you get to know me!

Tonight after run camp I went and got some dinner (as planned, in my food diary) and waited in town for my son to get out of work.  Actually, I’m writing this on my laptop from the backseat of my car.  Mobile offices are the BEST!!!  Anyway, I stopped at the store for a couple things I needed and felt like having some dessert.

I contemplated inhaling a bag of chocolate covered peanuts…. yum… or a candy bar.  Even thought about the ice cream aisle for a minute.  But then I thought…. wait a minute.  That’s just not going to work!

You see, I have goals.  We all have goals, right?  I don’t pay all that much attention to the scale most of the time, I mean I don’t let it get to me if it’s up or down a couple pounds.  However, I’ve been feeling a little “fluffy” lately and I don’t like it.  Not one bit.  What do I mean by “fluffy?”  Well, you know when your pants fit, but there’s just not much extra breathing room?  Your shirts are a little clingy-er than usual?  Yeah, that’s what I call “fluffy”.

This was me “fluffy” this past winter….


I tend to carry all my weight in my mid-section.  It’s genetic.  Thanks, mom and dad!  But because of my body type, fat tends to stick there and not go away.  Like, ever.  It is what it is.

But I know I can do better with my nutrition, and I know that when I do, I am happiest with my body.  So, I decided to skip the candy and treats.  I stopped instead at the produce aisle.  What’s that?  A small container of raspberries on sale for $1?  And it’s less than 100 calories worth???  YES!  I’ll take one, please and thank you very much!

So, I sat in my car and ate my raspberries.  I enjoyed each and every delicious bite!  I entered them in my food diary for the day and I’m extremely satisfied.  Not only because I didn’t completely blow my goals for the day, but also because when I get up tomorrow, I won’t be any more “fluffy!”  In fact, I pretty much just guaranteed that I will feel slightly better instead!

This is me, dialed in and happy!

That’s what I call winning.

And one more thing.  Those delicious red raspberries???  Well, they brought to mind some amazing memories.  My grandpa had a few big raspberry bushes in his yard.  One of my fondest childhood memories was talking a walk with him and checking to see if they were ripe.  Of coming back to pick the first berries.  Eating them right off the bush a lot of the times!  Grandpa and my sister and I would come back to the house just dripping with raspberry juice….. I miss those days.

I hope you had some good memories come to mind today too!  I’ll smile as I sleep for sure…..


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