Weekend, Where??

Seriously feels like it was just Friday but all of a sudden it’s Sunday evening and it’s time to face another week! AH!

All is well, the weekend was really good, just had a lot to get done, and most of it got done.  I think I always schedule too much, don’t you?

Two things I have coming up have me excited for this week.  The first one is what I spent most of yesterday putting the finishing touches on, which is my first 5 day clean eating challenge group!  I’ve got recipes, grocery lists, encouraging words for my friends all ready to go and I can’t wait to help people get started on the right track to being their healthiest version!


The second happens Friday.  I get to go away for the weekend to see one of my dearest friends and we get to see Kenny Chesney in concert!!!  We’ve done this before, I think 4 times?  But we have gone every two years, so it’s been a while and I’m excited!  The concert will be amazing, of that there is no doubt, but spending a couple days with a wonderful girl I’ve known for going on 25 years is AWESOME!!!



So, I’ve been planning, prepping, trying not to jump out my skin from excitement!!!

And now, the weekend is over.  What???  And yes, I have a huge crush on Kenny…. like super huge!


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