Well, Alright Then…

Yes, I had a BLAST this weekend!  Yes, I ate too much.  No, I don’t regret it!  Came home to get right back on my regular routine!  That’s life, right?

But then…. I was reminded how old I really am.

I got up Monday morning, bright and early like usual, to do my personal development reading, check in with people I hadn’t talked to all weekend, basic stuff I do every day.  Then, I got up off the chair.


Yeah, that was my back.  The back I take such good care of with chiropractic care every two weeks!  And it hurts.  Darn it!

I got out my foam roller.  Ok, a little better, but I’m not going to be working out today.

I went to work, and it still hurt.  But I managed to make it through the long day.  I really should have taken myself to the chiropractor at lunch, but there was a newborn baby at the hospital I had to snuggle with instead!

I’ll go Tuesday if it’s not better.

You guessed it…. it’s not better.

They don’t open until noon.  I’ll go on my lunch hour.

Packed a lunch so I could go.  I went.  I was a mess.  She beat me back to where I should be!  Told me to ICE it up!

I went back to work.  I iced as much as I could while I worked.

Normally on Tuesdays I run with my friends after work.  Usually 3-4 miles, not a super tough workout for me.

Not tonight.

Tonight, I made my supper.  I caught up on DVR’d programs.  I iced my back.  Living the dream….

Tomorrow, I want to run.  I may not be able to run.  That bums me out!  But, I will listen to what my body says, because that is what I always tell my friends!

Sometimes, it’s ok to take a break and rest your weary body.  I think I was more tired than I knew.  I think my body is yelling at me to take a break.

I’m listening.

It’s hard.

I feel old!

Well, alright then…..


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