Just Get Started!

So, I’ve talked about my newly re-discovered passion for personal development, but haven’t really discussed what I’ve been learning.

Currently, I’m reading two books.  Why two?  Because I was a week or so into one and started a small group discussion on another!  So, I’ll read the one five days a week with my friends, and do the other on the off days by myself, or when I have extra time to pick up a chapter.  I know this is more than I need, but my brain is just loving all this stuff and it’s good for my soul.  Can’t ever learn too much, right?

So, one book I’m reading is Start With Why, by Simon Sinek.  I was able to hear Simon speak at our Beachbody Coach Summit this summer in Nashville and although I had NO idea who he was or what he was about (bad me for not looking into his background) I knew he would be good because Beachbody always delivers high quality stuff.  Mr. Sinek was no exception!  His talk was wonderful, but I think the best takeaways I got from it were that you’re not a leader because you’re on top (of your organization, business, whatever), it’s because you chose to go first.  You took the first step first.  You set the environment for everyone else to follow. Leaders sacrifice for others, they don’t sacrifice others for their own gain.  He talked about the military generals who always let the privates and lower officers eat first.  He does this because if those people aren’t fed and strong and ready to fight, there won’t be much of a fight to win!

The book I’m reading of his, Start With Why talks about some of those same things.  When you want to make a change in your life, your career, whatever, the first place you have to start is with why.  Why do you want this?  What’s your purpose?  Why?  If you have a clearly defined why, you’re much more likely to succeed long term.  Companies and people with a clearly defined Why are the ones that make a difference.  He uses a lot of corporate examples, but I think his words apply to individuals very well.  At Beachbody, we talk about knowing our Why about our fitness.  Our Why we started our businesses.  If we succeed at our goals, what will that look like?  Who will that impact?  How will that make us feel?  Defining these things isn’t easy, and they can change and develop with time as we change, but it’s important to know which values are most important in your heart.  No matter what, I’m doing _____  because ______.  For me, losing weight and getting in control of my health was important because I was at a very high risk for early death.  I was staring my mortality in the face before I was 40 years old, and it scared me (no pun intended) to death!  I wanted to be around, for my kids, for my future grandchildren!  Thankfully, I’ve been able to get that control.  I’m healthier than I ever thought I could be, and I have nothing to worry about in terms of what I can control as long as I continue this path.

The other book I’m reading with some friends is You Are A Badass, by Jen Sincero.  This one is really working on my own inner demons and helping me see that I’m not only worth it, I’m capable of awesomeness!!!  I’m sure I’ll come back to that in the next week or two, but basically, I’m learning that doing what I need to do to be the most badass version of myself possible is totally worth it!  I need to do it, not for anyone, just for me.  For those around me.  For my dreams to come true, it’s time to take that step.

And that’s the point I’m trying to make today.  Sometimes you just have to take the first step.  When you have an idea, a plan, or just a dream the first step is to take the first step!  Will you fail?  Maybe.  Will it be the right step?  Maybe, maybe not.  But that’s not the point.  The point is, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t take the first step!  So, what’s the first step?  Maybe it’s reading that book.  Maybe it’s writing this blog!  Maybe it’s getting off the chair and getting my workout in, planning my meals for the day/week, or taking a selfie to inspire the universe.  Whatever!  Just take the step!!!

You can do this.  I can do this.  We will be the best versions of ourselves, if we just get started!  Are you ready???  I am!


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