Choices, Challenges, and Changes

It’s time again.  Time for me to make a choice.  Time to commit to a challenge and make a change.

How do I know?  Well, back in the spring I made a choice.  I committed to a 90 day perfection challenge with my team.  I nailed it!  For 90 days, I didn’t miss a workout.  I nailed my nutrition EVERY day.  I was in the best shape I’ve ever known.

Then summer came.  I let things slide.  Not really with my workouts, but with my nutrition.  Ice cream, frozen yogurt, beer.  Not that I really went overboard, but I allowed for more than my share of treats since June started.

I feel fluffy.

That’s the way I like to describe it.  I’m not fat, I know that.  I’ve lost 50 pounds and for the most part have kept it off for 3 years.  But I let things slide and get fluffy in the middle.  My pants don’t fit quite right.  I’m not happy.

It’s time to recommit.

Tomorrow I start another round of the Perfection Crew Challenge.  I made the choice.

I’m committing myself to a round of three strength days a week.  One cardio day, one yoga day, and one long run (on top of two shorter runs in the evenings).  This is my plan.  It’s a solid plan.  I have my calorie goal set.  I’ll track every bite for the next 90 days.  I’ve done this before.  I can do it again!

It’s this type of challenge I need to make the changes I want to see.  Yes, some of them are physical changes.  I want to de-fluff myself.  But, some of the upcoming changes will be all mental.  I’m going to focus on what is good for ME, not necessarily for others.  If I need to step back, or move forward, or make a complete change, this is for me.  I am in control.

Are you ready to make a choice?  Are you ready to face a challenge?  Are you ready to see some changes?  I’m sick to death of hearing how people aren’t happy, but then they don’t do anything to make that change.  I’m sick of feeling that way myself!  No more excuses…. this is MY year!  I got this.

Starting tomorrow morning, I’m all in.  I’ve made my choice.  I’ve committed to my challenge.  I will see the change.

And you can too.

But only if you commit.

Join me?  Follow this blog, follow me on Facebook…. follow along, OR join the challenge yourself.  What have you got to lose????


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