Meditation…. Yes or No?

Do you meditate?  Like actually, real life, sit still and focus on breathing and empty your mind meditate?

I’ve been doing some reading about meditation lately and why it’s so important, but I have to admit, it’s really hard for me.

As someone who has grown in faith over her lifetime, I have no problem with prayer.  But meditation is completely different.  Instead of focusing on people or problems or even praises, you have to empty your mind.  That’s really hard for me.

I think that’s a common problem among a lot of people these days.  And it’s not a good problem.

Meditation really can make a difference, from what I read.  Those who practice it daily attribute it to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, becoming a better version of themselves, even having the career they always dreamed about!  That sure sounds to me like a reason to start a practice, right?

Well, that’s what I’m going to do.  Starting today, I’m going to set aside a few minutes (I’ll work my way up, but they say to start with just a few minutes) and focus on being present.  Breathing.  Loving myself from the inside out!  Doesn’t that sound awesome!

I think it would be cool if you would join me.  Find 5-10 minutes today (or tomorrow, or whenever you read this) and sit in a quiet spot.  Close your eyes.  Get comfortable.  Breathe.  Focus on nothing but that breath coming in and out.  Slow it down as much as you can.  See what happens.

They say at first you can even set a timer.  That means you won’t be looking at the clock and therefore interrupting  your meditation every few seconds!!!  I think that’s how I’ll start.  Give myself 5 minutes.  If it goes well, I’ll go more tomorrow.

If I learn anything new… I’ll let you know.  In the meantime… meditate on just how awesome you are!


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