Replacing Cravings

Today I read chapter 2 of Made To Crave.  As I answered the questions the author asks at the end of the chapter, I had to really dig down deep to come up with some answers.  I realized that I have repeated the same cycle of behavior over and over and over in my life, and I’m really tired of the roller coaster.  It’s time to replace my cravings with other things so I can stop this crazy ride and live my healthiest life!

I’ve been focused on my own journey for so long that I tend to talk about it as mine.  And it is, to a certain extent.  But truly, it’s time to realize that the journey isn’t just about me.  It’s about what life is about.  My relationship with God.  God wants me to be healthy, to be happy, and I think He really wants me to be fit and eat well too.  But what He really wants is for me to trust in Him.  Fully, completely, without reservation.  That is easier said than done!

I’m a stress eater.  I’ve known that about myself since I was a kid.  During finals week in high school I would sit in my room with bags of Oreos and Doritos and a six pack of Coke (in the glass bottles, I am old!) and consume it while studying all night long.  Sure, I had the grades I wanted at the end of it, but all that junk food didn’t really help how I felt once it was over.  But it sure helped me get through that week of all-nighters.

When I think back on it, every time I get stressed out and eat all the junk food, what it does for me is to start a spiral of junk for several weeks or days, depending on how weak I am.  Just yesterday I was having a day in which I wanted to inhale a huge box of french fries and a gallon of ice cream… but I didn’t.  Instead, I prayed that God would give me strength and take away the craving.  I can’t say how exactly it worked, but I was able to resist the junk, so I call it a win. I think I’m learning more than I ever considered I needed to know when I started this journey, and I love it!

I have always tended to pray in response to things, whether they were to thank Him or to ask Him for something, my prayers were always focused around a thing.  Praying to God to take away my cravings and give me a craving for Him is what I need to start doing, daily, hourly… and I resolve to do just that.

This is going to be a new life for me.  For the rest of my life.  I don’t believe in quick fixes.  They just don’t work.  At least not the way I need them to.  They might feel good or sound good or whatever, but I believe that life is a long distance race, not a sprint.  As a runner, that’s the way I train, that’s the way I can make sense of change.  True change is hard.  It’s supposed to be hard.  That’s how we know it will last forever.

I want to crave not only healthy food, I want to crave a closeness to God.  Every hour.  Every day.  Starting now.


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