Get A Plan

The chapter I read this morning talked about making a plan.  How having a plan was the key to seeing a wish turn into reality.

It’s the same no matter what you’re dreaming of.  A dream without a plan isn’t a goal, it’s a wish.  You can’t wish a garden to reality.  You can’t wish your dream of financial freedom to happen.  You can’t wish away the extra pounds you have put on over the years.  It takes a plan and some discipline to make that dream a reality.

Since I started my journey over 5 years ago, I’ve managed to lose a little over 50 pounds.  I’ve kept it off too, but I still struggle.  I struggle with those last few pounds.  I get to where I want to be and I relax a little.  Let myself indulge a little.  And I gain 10 pounds like it was nothing to lose it.  But it’s hard to lose it!  I know that, I’ve done it.  Again and again.

I don’t know why I do that.  Which is exactly why I’m reading this book and continuing to learn.  It’s not so much that I need to learn how to eat anymore, I know what works for me.  Now it’s about learning what it is in my head, my heart, that needs to change.  I know there’s work to do.  The great part is, the work doesn’t bother me anymore.

There are meal plans and “diets” out there all over the place, and no one plan fits everyone.  I really don’t like the word “diet” anymore.  It usually means something negative to those of us who grew up dieting to fit in, or to stand out, or whatever.  Personally, I don’t “diet” anymore.  I know eat according to my goals.  I make a plan, whether to lose weight, gain muscle, have the stamina I need to run a long race.  Each of those goals needs a different approach with regards to nutrition, so I make a plan.  I listen to my body, but I plan out about how many carbs I’ll need, how many calories.  It takes research, it takes understanding of how your own body works because we are all different.  Does this making a plan scare you or empower you?  I know for me it’s crucial!

So, that’s my plan for today.  For every day.  Make a plan.  Stick to the plan.  It’s really that simple… and that difficult!

Stick with me…. it’s getting better!


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