Hit The Ground Running

Ha!  Like what I did there with the title?  Yeah, so yesterday was the big race!  13.1 miles of beautiful crisp autumn weather in Michigan.  The sun was shining the whole time.  Not much wind except for at mile 11 for some reason.  I love this race, can’t wait to do it again next year!

But now is a season of rest, as far as running goes.  I’ll still run, probably 2-3 times a week, but nothing too serious for a while.  I’ll do the annual Turkey Trot here in my town (I still need to sign up for that one, note to self) so I can get in that 8k before we eat (cute tag line, huh?  It’s not mine, it’s the race’s) but no more big races until spring.

I love running, I think you figured that out already, but being healthy and strong enough to do those are where my real passions lie.

To be strong enough, I workout.  Every day.  I don’t use a gym, although they are amazing if that’s what works for you.  I use home workouts.  I have a small amount of equipment I’ve picked up over the past few years that have turned one of the rooms in my house into a mini-gym.  It’s right outside my bedroom door.  I have no excuse this way!  I plug in a DVD of whatever program I’ve committed to (again, I’ve picked them up over the past years, not all at once!) and push play.  I keep track of my progress.  I share my workouts, my struggles, my triumphs with my team online.  This works for me.  It’s been working for me for three years!  I have no intention of stopping now!

But now I’m also focusing more heavily on the foods I eat.  For two reasons really, one because I still struggle with keeping off those last 10 pounds or so.  I lose them, I gain them back… it’s a cycle I would love to get off permanently!  So I’m dedicating the next months to really learning what to do to break this habit.

Reading this book, Made To Crave, is really opening my eyes to a different way of thinking.  Giving my cravings to God instead of eating things that make me feel good in the moment is going to feed my soul instead of my addictions.  Let’s face it, I’m a sugar addict.  I’ve known that for a long time, but it’s something that is very difficult to give up completely!  I do so well for a while, then it sneaks back in.

No more.  I’m hitting the ground running.  I will make these changes, because they are what’s best for me.  Body and soul.  I want this to be the season that changes me from the inside, not just my outward appearance, that won’t likely change much.  I want to be transformed from the inside!

So I think the hard work is just beginning.  I won’t lie, this commitment scares me more than when I committed to P90X, or running a marathon.  For real.  That was a walk in the park compared to what this will be for me.  If you want to ride on my crazy train while I do this… keep on reading!  Better yet, grab your copy and get to work yourself!  We could do it together!


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