Made For More

Sometimes we get in a season in life where things are going pretty good.  Almost on autopilot.  We are just moving along, feeling good, pushing through all the busyness… we all have busy in our lives.  I don’t care if you have kids or not, life is crazy busy, right?  And busy isn’t bad, it’s just that it can take away from us finding our purpose.  Living our truth.  Being our best selves.

I’ve been in this season for far too long.  I grew up thinking I had to be strong.  To be strong I had to be independent.  I had to rely on myself because other people would inevitably let you down.  I realize that’s quite a strong generalization, but as a kid and teen, that was my truth.

I had a hard time letting people in.  Even when I did, I held them at arms length, because I can handle it.  I got this.  I’m strong, right?

That’s not wrong, but I also am coming to realize at this season in my life that there is so much more to being strong than just taking care of everything.  It’s OK to rely on others.  It’s absolutely OK to rely on God.  And it’s high time I start doing just that!  If not for my sanity, for my health.

Stress is a major part of my struggle with food.  Every time I get stressed, which is often, I struggle with my food choices.  I reach for the sugar, the salt and fat, the alcohol.  It’s just how I cope.  But if I can start replacing those cravings with some of God’s truths, not only will that help my waistline and my overall physical health, I have no doubt it will help my stress level as well.

Sounds pretty terrific, right?

There was one line in particular in Chapter 5 of Made to Crave that is sticking with me even a couple of days after I read it.  I needed to not write about it right away because I had to see how I could let it sink in.  But it’s the title of the chapter, and therefore the title of this post.  Made for more.

I’m made for more than I’ve been giving myself credit for.  I’m made to be a woman of God.  To be an example for my family.  To be a source of encouragement for anyone who takes the time to get to know me.  I’m made for more than my struggle with food.

I’m made for more than what that piece of candy says about me.  I’m made for more than what the scale shows me.  I’m made for more.

The glorious truth is starting to hit me.  I’m made for more than my food cravings!  The coolest thing happened to me yesterday.  I remembered this truth.  I prayed for God to take away my craving.  I opened the drawer full of candy at work and I did NOT eat any!  I passed on the pie someone had brought in to work!  I stayed strong because I knew it wasn’t beneficial to me that day to eat any of that.  Now, I’m not saying I’ll stay away forever or whatnot, let’s be realistic here, but for today, and for this week, I’m going to give those cravings to God in prayer.  I’m going to remember I was made for more than this.  I’m going to see that scale get back to where I want it, and not let it define me.

You know what happened at the end of yesterday after I left those cravings where they were and denied myself?  I felt free!  I saw in my food diary that I had eaten a very good day’s food!  I felt lighter, not just on the scale, but in my heart!  I didn’t let the food win!

I really am made for more.  And so are you!


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