The Curse Of The Skinny Jeans

Do you have those jeans in your closet?  You know, the ones you hope to fit back into someday?  The jeans you once wore that made you feel skinny, or sexy, or whatever?  Why do you hang on to them?

Do you have a magic number on the scale that you’re working to get to?  Why is that number so special?

Don’t you know you’re more than a number?

You’re more than a pair of skinny jeans.

Not that those things aren’t good tools for those of us on a journey to lose weight or just be healthy.  They can be.  Just make sure you’re not using them as punishment.

You see, sometimes we get caught up in the numbers.  It’s so easy to do.

But you are more than a number on a scale, or the size of your jeans.  You are a beloved child of God.  You are a victorious warrior in the battle of whatever demons you might be facing.  You need to focus on something besides those darn numbers.

You probably know I’m a runner.  I love to run!  I love to help people get into running.  I love the half marathon distance the most.  It’s a great challenge but doesn’t take so much out of me that I feel like I’m dying.  I’ve run 10 of them now.  I see no end in sight!

For the last two years I’ve focused on a magic number.  You see, I don’t run very fast.  I’m not the slowest, but I’m nowhere near the head of the pack at any race.  So I’ve been making efforts to run faster.  I’ve trained.  I’ve worked hard.  But that number just doesn’t seem to be something my body wants to cooperate with.

And that was getting really depressing.

Until I realized at the end of the race I did a couple weeks ago that it just didn’t matter anymore.  I’m a runner.  I run half marathons!  I’m 43 years old and can run 13.1 miles without stopping!  That’s freaking amazing!  Who cares if it takes me 15 minutes longer than I wish it did?????  I can DO it!  I need to take greater pride in that and stop worrying about the time at the end of the race!

It’s like those skinny jeans, or that scale.  I need to be proud of the fact that I am taking great care of my body.  I’m nourishing it with healthy food.  I’m working out on a regular basis.  I’m honoring God with this temple He gifted me.

That’s all that’s important.  Not the number on the scale.  Certainly not the number on the inside of my jeans.  Nobody really cares anyway!  Why should I???

Let’s just focus on the process, shall we?  Focus on that and enjoy every moment.

Be kind to yourself.

You’re amazing!


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