Yes, the Monday after Halloween and the topic that comes up in the book I’m reading is overindulgence.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so!

So, did you overindulge this weekend?  I have to be honest, I ate more than usual, but had NO Halloween candy.  None.  I didn’t buy any, didn’t hand out any.

You see, I’ve been pretty much feeling like crud all week and especially all weekend.

I’m a seasonal allergy sufferer.  And suffer I have been, big time.  Since Tuesday of last week my head has been full of yuck and gross and I will spare you the details.  After literally 4 days of being up and out of the house and busy from early morning until after 9pm and feeling like I had tiny jackhammers going off in my head all week, I was exhausted.  Friday night I feel asleep by 7pm, and didn’t wake up until after noon on Saturday!  Forget running with my friends, I couldn’t even open my eyes!!!

But after a couple days of much needed rest, I am feeling a tad better, although still suffering but medicated for the allergies.  Not my favorite time of year, for sure.

The good news is, no candy for me.  The bad news is, when I don’t feel well, it’s hard for me to stop eating sometimes.  Especially when I’m rather bored.  Which I was this weekend.

So I did eat more than I had planned.  Mostly healthy stuff, but more than I truly needed.  Why do we do this to ourselves?

Do we use food as an attempt to quiet a hungry soul?  Are we making food an idol in our lives?  I mean, we have to eat, that’s just human necessity, but do we make certain foods or our choice to overindulge on healthy foods an idol to attempt to fill our bellies and our souls with something other than a closeness to God?  These are the kinds of questions I’m wrestling with while taking this journey through this book, Made To Crave.

Certainly not a book for someone who doesn’t like to face some pretty tough truths.

Feeling deprived or weak or just having a longing in our souls can lead us to choices that aren’t necessarily good for us, especially in terms of food.  We know we need food, but we need the right kinds of food, in the right portions, to make us able to be strong and healthy.  Too much of the wrong kinds of food can make us sick.  But is it just the food, or are we longing for something we are missing in our lives that lead us to those food choices?

I don’t know all the answers, I’m on this journey myself.  But I know there are things in my life that are not in balance at the moment.  There are areas in my heart that need attention.  Choosing foods that nourish are important during this season in my life.

Depending on God to satisfy my soul instead of food.  It’s all a new thing for me.  It’s a struggle.  But it’s a journey I’m finding very much worth taking.


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