Emotionally Or Physically Empty?

For most of my life I didn’t really know how to differentiate between emotional emptiness and physical hunger.  I think I still sometimes blur that line.

But have you ever thrown yourself that huge pity party full of candy or chips and then turned around and regretted it the next day?  Yeah, that’s emotional emptiness.

You can be emotionally empty for any number of reasons.  Mine may be different from yours, but I’ve noticed for me it can be because I had an argument with someone I care about, or I had a stressful day, or my kids did something wrong, or… yeah, this list could be very long.  I’m very good at pity parties.

And I eat at my pity parties.  I eat junk, sweets, salty, processed junk when I’m emotionally empty like that.

I need to remember that those are the last times I should be grabbing the food, I should be turning over my thoughts and seeing what I’m really in need of.  Chances are it’s not food at all, but rather a closeness to God that will help most.

I had a day like that yesterday.  I’ve felt horrible most of the last week with my allergies and I was just overwhelmed after lunch yesterday and let myself into the candy at work.  I ate more candy in one afternoon that I’ve had in a month!  I’m feeling that regret creep in now, but instead of dwelling on the choice I made and making myself feel worse about it, I’m going to focus on the choice I get to make today to stay strong.  To keep my mitts off.  To fill my physical needs with nourishment, not sugar.

I know I’ll feel better soon.  This weather will break.  My allergies will be quiet soon.  Those things I choose to put in my body today will either help me feel stronger or make me weak.  It’s my choice.

But I’ll need strength to rely on to get me there.  Thank God I have someone by my side whenever I need Him.

He’s taking the broken pieces of my life and making a beautiful new picture.  I can see it starting.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like someday!!!


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