Another Day, Another Diet?

No, because “diets” don’t work.  Trust me.  I’ve tried a whole lot of them.  They don’t work.

I kind of joke about the fact that in my life I’ve gained and lost the same 40 pounds about 10 times.  But it’s true.  I’ve been up and down the scale so much I’ve given it whiplash!

That’s because true health and lasting change only happens when we make real changes to our brains.What?  It’s not just physical?  Hold the phone!!!

No, it’s not just physical.  Sure, the choices we make need to be physical ones.  Choosing to workout.  Choosing to cook (or order) healthy foods.  Choosing to run away, screaming if necessary, from those temptations that will lead us down a path of pure disaster.  Yes, we all have trigger foods that will take us from “one bite won’t hurt” to “OMG, I’ve gained 10 pounds this weekend!” in our lives.  I have them.  I try like crazy to avoid, run, turn up my nose, avoid at all costs.  It’s not easy, but it sure makes me feel victorious when I succeed!

But those physical choices come from a mental place of clarity.  I am made for more.  I am made in the image of my Creator to be victorious, to be healthy, to live my life according to His purpose.

He has given us food to nourish, food to give us energy.  What foods are you thankful for that you eat daily?  Personally, I am very thankful for fruit, and I try to eat at least 3 servings a day.  I also eat several (try for 4-5) servings of assorted vegetables daily.  But one thing that has come in to my life and changed it completely is Shakeology.  I know, people might think “sure, you’re a coach, you have to push that stuff”, but that’s completely NOT the point.  This particular product has the nutritional profile that has changed me from the inside out. (Seriously, my doctor is amazed at the changes in my blood work and I’m off my HBP meds.  It’s not a joke!)

Knowing which foods I can have SOME of on rare occasions is tough.  Knowing which foods will send us down that rabbit hole and back to a life of overeating and flat out gluttony… this is where I can get tripped up easily.  What’s hard for you about your trigger foods?

Dieting, eating certain foods and avoiding others, depriving ourselves to the point of insanity…. all of these things can lead us down a path to disaster.  Giving our cravings to God and remembering that food isn’t evil, but avoiding our certain trigger foods when necessary and remembering that we are made for a bigger purpose…. these things can lead to the healthy and purposeful life we were designed for.

This book, Made To Crave, is challenging me in ways I had no idea I needed to be challenged.  But it’s beneficial in more ways that I can even say!  I’ve made my food  plan for today.  Have you?


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