The Very Next Choice

So, if you’re following my posts, I’ve been writing sort of a journal of my thoughts while moving through the book Made To Crave, which has challenged me in a lot of ways.  Since I became a fit girl, instead of a couch potato, a few years ago I’ve still struggled with food.  I’m a “chips and chocolate” girl like the author of this book.  I totally relate to her story, which is why this is so convicting for me.

She asks a question about discipline.  Is it really sustainable for a lifetime?  It’s not an easy questions to answer, and my only answer is yes… but only with the help of God.  I’m weak.  I have weak moments.  Sure, I can be strong sometimes, but every time?  Not without some major intervention from the heavens!

I’ve done pretty well the last few years.  I’ve lost over 50 pounds.  I’ve kept it off, although I do fluctuate a bit each season.  But my major struggle lately has been consistency and temptations.  That’s exactly what she’s convicting me about in this book, and it’s not an easy thing to wrestle with!

My food choices aren’t just about food.  When I feel weak, I need to rely on the strength of my Savior, and remember that I am a beloved child of God.  Is it something that will benefit me?  Is it something that will lead me down a rabbit hole of destruction?  God wants me to be healthy, to use this wonderful gift of my human body to His glory.  My body is His temple, after all.  It’s time I start treating it like that instead of a garbage dump just because I’m feeling sorry for myself, or I’m stressed, or whatever other excuse I come up with when I want to stuff myself full of junk.

Does this mean I can never have another cookie?  No, I don’t think so.  But it means my dependence on stuff that isn’t beneficial needs to be replaced by a dependence on God.  I need to crave Him, not cookies.  If an occasional cookie is consumed, it can’t lead me to eating a whole box of them along with a tub of ice cream and an extra large serving of fries on the side.  Get it?  Make sense?  Yeah, it’s a tough thing to wrestle with.

But I know I’m being empowered to make that very next choice I make to be the right one.  The one that will lead me closer to God.  Instead of relying on food, I need to rely on Him and the Word to keep me strong.

My very next choice is important.  Every choice is important.  This is empowering and terrifying at the same time!

What will your very next choice be?  Will it be strong and empowered and holy?  I hope so.

Stay strong, friends.  I’ll do my best with His help to do the same!

The journey continues.


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