Overcoming, Learning, Maintaining

As I start this post I’m not really sure where it will end up, so bear with me.

I’ve been on a journey to fitness and health for about 5 years.  In that time, I’ve managed to lose 50 pounds and keep it off for the most part, although it hasn’t been easy at times.  I tend to get in a really good place and get “comfortable” and start allowing old bad habits to creep in.

Self-sabotage is something I’ve always been really good at, which of course is NOT good.

So I’m learning all I can about nutrition, health, mindset.  Anything I can to make myself the best and healthiest version of myself because I want to LIVE, not just exist.  Some people focus on having abs or a certain other physical attribute, which is totally fine (I wouldn’t mind having abs either) but for me it’s all about being healthy and happy!

Happiness for me isn’t a number on the scale, although I do weigh myself as a tool to see how I’m doing on a regular basis.  Health isn’t just about body fat, although I check that on occasion as well, again as a tool.

I work my body in my workouts, I run a few times a week, I eat healthy food, I read and I pray.  We are complex creatures, we humans.  So many things make up our bodies, and it’s not just about food and water.

I’m learning to overcome certain things that used to hold me back.  My bad habits and my cravings held me back, and sometimes still creep in to my life.  I’m learning how to control them, even use them in healthier ways.  I’m learning more about nutrition and how our bodies really work so that I can eat the right things, the things my body actually NEEDS to be healthy, not just restricting the things I “can’t” have because I’m not ON a diet, I’m living my life.

I’m also learning to maintain my weight loss, maybe even lose a few more pounds.  But again, the scale isn’t my judge, it’s just a tool I use to see what’s going on.  I’d be perfectly fine if my number never changes, as long as I feel great and have amazing energy!

Today I’m starting a new program.  Beachbody has done AMAZING work putting together outstanding programs based on scientific research on exercise and nutrition.  I’ve had fantastic results with many of them, including P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire…. so today it’s time to start the 21 Day Fix and actually see it through to the end.  I’ve been sort of “doing my own thing” for a few weeks and if anything I’ve backslid into a bad place.  It’s time to re-focus and push myself.

I’ve wanted to do this program for many reasons, but number one is that it’s proven to work.  The nutrition plan alone is amazing!  Portion control.  Because you can have too much of a good thing!  I’m following the vegan plan at least for this first week.  I have been a vegetarian now for 10 full months and I love it, so I figured why not give it a try!  All my research is pointing toward this direction anyway.  My body needs good fuel, and this should be just what I need!


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