New Book, New Mindset!

You might have guessed that I’m sort of an eternal student.  No, I haven’t technically been in school for about 20 years (yes, that makes me feel old!) but I absolutely love to read and learn and expand my mind as much as I can.

As a Beachbody coach, we are encouraged to daily expand our minds with books, podcasts, audio books as much as possible for us to be the best leaders, coaches, people we can be.  I love that, and it’s one of the main things I’ve enjoyed about being a coach!

Since I re-ignited my passion for learning recently, I’ve read a lot of books and learned a lot of different things.  Right now my focus is on food.  So it made perfect sense to me to get my hands on a book that was written by the man who invented my absolute favorite product ever and learn as much as I can form him!

The product is Shakeology, and the man is Darin Olien.  Yes, he invented Shakeology!  He is passionate about health and nutrition and he wrote a book called Superlife (picture of the cover above) and it’s really amazing!!!  I’m learning about nutrition and how we really do control how we feel, how we live, by our food choices!

I’ll have more of a review of the book as I finish it, but I’m devouring this book.  If you have any interest at all in improving your life from the inside out, I highly recommend it (and I’m early on in the reading, so much more to come!).

I’ve been adopting a more plant based lifestyle for a while now.  Ever since a friend recommended I watch the documentary Forks Over Knives (which I also recommend).  No, I haven’t done their plan exactly, I’m a slow adopter, but I do believe that a plant based diet is beneficial to our overall well being, so I’ve been working myself into that direction.

I haven’t had meat at all in 2015.  That’s right, 10 months as a vegetarian!  Now, I’ve had some animal products, eggs and cheese, but I’ve tried to use them sparingly.  And I’ve felt great!

But I still have quite a dependency on certain processed foods.  Namely protein bars!  And it’s time to move away from those.

So I started a round of the 21 Day Fix yesterday, and committed myself to the vegan meal plan.  This means a completely plant based diet, for at least the next three weeks (I will admit that Thanksgiving is toward the end of this, and there will be cheesecake that day!), but I have a feeling after just the first day, this will be a lifestyle for me.  I feel great so far!  And it wasn’t that much work, truly.  The baby steps I had already taken in this direction are making it quite simple to go that next step.  I’m not saying I’ll never have cheese again, but I think it will be much less than I had been doing, but I’m addicted to pizza… so there you go.

What challenges do you find in a plant based diet?  Do you think you could do it?  If it would save your life, would you try???


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