Yes, You Can

I get asked how I stay motivated.  How do I fit it all in?  People will tell me they can’t do what I do.

They are wrong.

I’m not that special.  I am just as busy as you are.  Believe me, my life is crazy!  I’ve just set some priorities.

My non-negotiable priority is my health.  Because without it, I can’t do anything else for anyone else!  And since helping and being there for others is my passion, what choice do I have?

Until a few years ago, I was probably the most selfish person on the planet.  Well, maybe not that far, but I never did things for others.  I was too tired.  I was too lazy.  I was completely stuck to the couch and my pathetic routine.

When I decided to make the time and get healthy, it was certainly not easy.  It’s still not always easy.  But it’s a lot more fun and rewarding being able to help others and enjoy my life instead of dreading getting up every day!

I go to bed as early as I can.  This isn’t easy, especially with teenagers and a schedule chocked full of things I don’t necessarily want to do, but have to do.  It might get better soon, but I try most nights to get to bed as soon as I can, around 10pm.

I get up really early.  My alarm typically goes off around 4am.  I’m a snooze button addict, so I get up by about 4:30.  Yes, that’s early!  I do that so I have time to work on myself.  I read, write this blog, get my thoughts out there and organize myself for the day. I plan out my food, get my workout in and respond to my challengers and my team before I go to work.  I make this time for myself and my business so I can go to my office job and focus on that for the day.

Oh yeah, I do work a full-time job on top of everything else.  I’ve been an optician for 17 years, at the office I’m currently at for 13.  I love my co-workers and my patients!  It’s busy and can be stressful, but I do enjoy it.  But it does take up a significant portion of my waking hours!

Then it’s my after work commitments.  I try to keep them low, but yeah, it happens.  Some weeks I’m just booked up with appointments after work, sometimes I can keep them to just one or two things, it just depends.  I sing and play in the band at church, so sometimes we have rehearsals (music is my first love, I just can’t give it up!).  Because I’m working with a team to build my coaching business, I will often have calls or meetings in the evenings.  I love it all, so it’s not like “work”, but it does take time.

So how do I fit it all in?  I make sure to take some time for myself whenever I can fit it in.  Some weeks it’s just a few minutes here and there.  Some weeks I’m able to take an afternoon and just be alone, either at home or maybe reading a book somewhere quiet, maybe shopping depending on my mood.

My point in telling you all this is just that yes, you can.  You can fit in a 30 minute workout in your home.  I don’t drive to the gym and wait on equipment, but I’m in great shape because I workout every day.  I am no gourmet cook, but I eat well, some at home and some things that I’ve learned to order at restaurants, and I manage to maintain a healthy weight.

You can do this too.  You don’t have to run your own business, but you can make time to improve your body, your mind, whatever it is you want to improve.

It takes planning.  It takes sacrifice.  It takes commitment.  You are worth it.

Yes, you can.


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