Love Thy Food

So, to continue with yesterday’s theme of loving…. we really need to pay more attention to the food we eat.

I’ve been reading that book I told you about last week, Superlife, by Darin Olien.  He’s the genius behind the nutrition in my once a day, non-negotiable superfood shake, Shakeology.  I’ve been using it going on three years and to say it’s changed my life would be an understatement and a disservice to this man.

You see, our bodies are super complex things.  I would love to get all technical about exactly what that means, but honestly, read the book.  He’s nailed all the science in an easy-to-read and non-boring way.  And I’m only about a third of the way through it!

We all know we need to eat well and exercise daily to be healthy, but there’s SO much we don’t know, and don’t follow through with.  So many simple things we can change to be infinitely more healthy, for longer than we ever thought possible.

It’s a choice.  We can choose to eat the processed, fatty, inflammatory crap we’ve always eaten and when something goes wrong we can take a medicine to “undo” what we’ve done to ourselves which in turn causes more side effects and requires more medication… and so on.

Or, we can choose to fuel our bodies with lots of raw fruits and veggies.  Avoid processed foods, excess sugars, caffeine, alcohol….. and so on.  We can stay away from chemical additives and preservatives.  We can eat organically grown and sustainably sourced superfoods.  Foods that give us all the calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, and many other valuable minerals that we really need to keep our amazing human machines working in top order for a lifetime.

Is it really that simple?  Well, yes!  And no.  I mean, it’s very easy to eat a plant based diet.  I’ve been doing it with amazing effects for nearly a year.  I still go out to dinner.  I still buy my foods at the local grocery stores, but I love the farmer’s market more.  It’s possible, and you don’t have to be 100% perfect to have it help you.  I’m in no way perfect in my eating.  I love sugar…. it’s just that addictive, and I can’t stay away.  But limiting it can be done.  I’m doing it.  And it’s helping!

The coolest thing is, we can combat so many chronic diseases just with diet and exercise.  Truly!  Personally I was on medicine for high blood pressure for 10 years, and now my numbers are perfect without it.  What did I change?  How I eat, and the fact that I started exercising daily.  I’m healthier now at 43 than I was at 30…. and the only thing that changed it was a choice.

Scientists have known for years that most, if not all, chronic illness, including cancer, can be avoided and even cured with the correct balance of foods and exercise.  We aren’t told this, because we would put pharmaceutical companies out of business if we stopped taking their drugs.  What?  Yeah, it’s true.  My goal is to never take another medication, at least not on a chronic basis.  The only thing I take, and it’s rare, are allergy meds and the occasional anti-inflammatory for pleurisy, but I’m working on combating that with diet instead.

Does this mean I have to go vegan and all hippie tree-hugger to be healthy?  Well, no, but you could at least lean more that way.  Cut back dramatically on your meat consumption.  Increase, dramatically, your consumption of fruit and vegetables, and make most of that raw.  Eat a gigantic salad bowl at least once a day!  Skip the cheese and crappy dressings and drizzle a little balsamic vinegar and fresh lemon juice, make sure you get some avocado or hummus on there for the healthy fats.  Trust me, you’ll start to feel the change in your body in just a few weeks.

I know I’ll have a lot more to say about this book, about a lifestyle change, about what I’ve done to change my life in a positive way in the coming days/weeks/whatever.  But first, I’ll have my Shakeology.  If you don’t know what that is or why I drink it every day, we need to talk.  It’s a baby step you can take… today.  If you can eat and drink yourself healthy, would you???

It’s a choice.  I’m choosing to love my food.  My food will love me back.  It’s a win/win!


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