Why Not?

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your family or friends, or whoever you chose to spend it with!  I enjoyed my small crazy family like always.  We went through several bottles of wine.  Life is good!

Today will be a complete departure from the holiday for me.  I’m not one who gets the Friday off after Thanksgiving.  The office I work for runs business as usual, we have patients to see, so we work.

I don’t mind really, I have no interest in joining the crowds for Black Friday anyway.  There’s nothing I need badly enough that I would wait in line for hours or stand in the rain or snow, whatever.  It’s just stuff.  The commercialism of our society is insane, but maybe I’ll cover that in another post.  Who knows?

Is there something you want out of life that has seemed out of your reach?  Are you dreaming about a life that looks different from the one you are living?  What’s holding you back?  What changes need to be made for those dreams to come true?

I have dreams.  I have things I’m working toward that will make my life look different than it does now.  I want to move forward.  I will move forward.  One day I won’t have to work the day after Thanksgiving for an office that requires me to get up and be professionally dressed and ready to see patients at 8am.  Will it be next year?  The one after that?  I’m not going to hope for it.  I will work for it!

Will you work for your dreams?  They won’t come to you just by dreaming about them, you know.  You actually have to put in the work.  Just like to lose weight, you have to do the work.  There is no magic pill for anything!  To prepare for a big race, you need to train your body and your mind.  To learn something new you have to read and study and ask the difficult questions.  To achieve your dreams, you must make a plan and execute that plan.

If you have a dream, work for it.  You can make those dreams come true.  You can be at the place you’ve always wanted to be.  You don’t have to settle for a life of mediocrity, there is a world of amazing things out there.

One day…. soon!  If you work for it!  What’s your dream?


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