Running Thoughts

Today will mark day 7 of my running streak.  I’ve never run daily like this before, but it’s happening!  I’ve made plans to run this evening with a friend.  Some days I need to run by myself because of my crazy schedule and the hour that I will need to get it done, but today I have some time after work, which makes me happy.

Have you ever run with someone?  I think when I first started running I couldn’t see myself running without my earbuds in and music blaring to keep me going.  It took me a while to join a group and make some running friends.  Now it’s hard for me to run alone!!

You see, when I’m alone, my thoughts can get dangerous.  It’s surprising to me that I can even make it back to my car or house or whatever when I’m running alone!  I swear I could fix the entire world when I run.  Unfortunately, as soon as I’m done and showered I forget every epiphany I just had.

But when I run with friends we talk.  About everything!  Like, there is no subject off limits!  Scary, strange, sometimes I wonder if people hear us what they must think about our conversation!  I mean, I’ve gone on a run where we talked about digestive issues for about 5 miles…. it’s not always pretty!  I’m sure each and every one of my friends knows more about my experience with childbirth than they really ever wanted to know.  But, I’m not the only one.  We all talk.  It’s actually really beautiful!

Are you a runner?  Are you a talker?  A thinker?  I’d love to hear your experience with running and what you think about, talk about on your runs!

Are you streaking?  I’m loving this challenge.  I’m finding it more mental than physical at this point.  I will admit, however, it’s definitely taking a physical toll as well.  I’m needing more sleep!  Part of me wonders if that’s the fact that we have less daylight right now, or if I’m just old…. but I’ll blame it on the fresh air and the miles on my feet for now!



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