Challenging Is A Challenge

Challenge is a strange word.  At least it looks strange to me!  But it’s something I struggle with and need at the same time.

We have challenges every day.  We have to deal with things that aren’t necessarily easy, right?  Schedules, people, learning new things.  These can all be challenges.

Challenging ourselves to get better at something or to learn something new… that’s definitely another challenge.

Sometimes I don’t really want to struggle with a challenge.  Other times I know I need to so I do it, even if not willingly.  Then there are times when I look forward to the challenge because I know it’s changing me and making me better, stronger, more badass.

This running challenge is one of those that is kind of all the above.  I’m doing it, but not every day is easy or willingly.  Some days I’m finding very fun and easy and I look forward to, but others (like today) I just want to quit.

I won’t, because I’m stubborn.  I want to prove to myself that I CAN do this.  I feel like a badass for doing it.  It may or may not make me a better runner, but the point is really to challenge myself to do something I never thought I could.  I think that’s the point of a lot of challenges.

I had a fun and busy weekend.  I love Christmas parties and had our office one on Friday night and a friend’s on Saturday night, so I am partied out!  So much fun…. and I am so glad I was able to attend since the weather was great and driving wasn’t an issue like it can be this time of year.

But even amongst all the activities, I kept up with my run streak!  Yes, a mile was all I did on Friday and Sunday, but I did it!  I laced up and got out there.  I’m not giving up.  No matter the challenge, I want to see it through!

I’ll finish this on January 1st.  On January 4th I’m going to start the next awesome Beachbody program that was just released with a huge team of support!  The coolest thing is, it’s not too late for YOU to join me for that one!  You just have to decide, commit, and succeed with me!  For 60 days we can and will be there for each other through all the workouts, meal planning, whatever we need!

Every time we commit to something that will change us, it’s a challenge.  Challenges are certainly easier with support!  Having some accountability really helps me reach my goals.  I want to help you get there too!



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