Daily Disciplines

You know what’s funny, most of my life I had very little discipline when it came to good healthy habits.  I was really lazy and very good at excuses as to why I couldn’t exercise or didn’t want to eat right.

If you’re meeting me now, you’ll think that there’s no way, but it’s totally true!

Several years ago now, I decided it was time to change that, and slowly, one day and one choice at a time, I have changed.  I now exercise more days than I don’t (and this daily running challenge is really keeping me on task with that).  I eat right most of the time (although I’m struggling with the holidays like I always do).  But overall, it’s some of the things I do daily that are truly changing me.

Since I became a Beachbody coach almost three years ago, I’ve been working toward being the best I can be from the inside out.  One of the things that we really work on is our minds, not just our bodies.  Being a good person, a good leader, a good coach is more than abs or how high we can jump.  It’s also about being coach-able.  Learning is vitally important to being able to lead!

There’s always learning to do.  Good thing I love to read, listen, apply, teach what I learn!  Since this past summer when I attended our Coach Summit in Nashville (I can’t wait to go back next year!) I have dedicated time every morning to my personal development.  I’ve read many books, listened to podcasts, and tried to make myself a better person.  Certainly the discipline of just doing it is even making an impact!

People tell me that I motivate them with my workout posts on Facebook and Instagram, which I’m very glad about, but what I really want is for them to live the most fulfilled lives they can!  My sweaty selfies are just a small part of the person I’m becoming.  I’m proud of them, for sure, because those do show one side of me.  But that daily motivation is a choice that anyone can make.  It takes time to develop it into a habit, but trust me.  If I can change, anyone can!

I’m sharing this transformation picture just to show you in case you don’t remember.  I haven’t been this person my whole life, but I plan to be her for the rest of it!  If I motivate you to change, if you want to find the happiness I now have, won’t you consider letting me coach you?  My team is making some great strides toward happy, fulfilled, healthy lives!  It really just takes a choice, a commitment, and the accountability to follow through!


I’m not perfect.  I’m not done.  But I truly believe that anything is possible if you work for it!!!


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