Be You

There are so many things about you that make you you.  I’m me, and my life is so different from yours.  That’s sort of what life is about.  Existing on this planet of ours, together, helping each other, being ourselves.

I was asked last night on our run what my goals for next year were.  I thought about that for a minute, I mean, I have a TON of different goals. But he was asking mainly about running goals, so I narrowed it down.

For the past two years, my goals were tied to speed and hitting a goal time on my half marathon.  It hasn’t happened.  I’ve been very discouraged, but I’m moving past that.

Training with my friends through Gazelle Sports Holland has been such a wonderful experience, and I plan to continue that this year.  I’ve been a team leader, which basically means I’m one of the pace group leaders that helps others stick to their training, encourages them on those long and difficult runs, celebrates with them when they reach their goals.  I love it.  I can’t wait to start again!

So this year, I will run my favorite races.  Half marathons, 25k, probably a few 5k/10k races thrown in for fun.  But each and every one will be about helping someone else.  Whether from the sidelines or side by side, I want to help others reach their goals.  Getting that PR time, actually finishing their first race… whatever that goal is, my goal is to be there and cheer!

Why am I “giving up?”  I’m not exactly doing that.  I’ll still be training.  I’ll still be pushing my own limits, but at my age, at this stage in my life, it’s not about me anymore.  If I get my half marathon under 2 hours, that would be awesome!  But if I don’t, I’m going to celebrate helping someone else finish theirs in 2:15!  Whatever!  I’m still a freaking rock star for finishing and I’ll feel like the biggest winner for helping a friend!

Life is way more about the people around me anymore.  I’ve got my stories.  I’ve got my demons.  I won’t let them defeat me.  I’ll reach my goal of finishing the Runner’s World Run Streak for this holiday season.  I’ll run my 11th half marathon in April.  I’ll run my 5th 25k in May.  If I run them faster than last year, I’ll celebrate.  If I run them slower and help someone else finish strong, I’ll celebrate!

If we all focus some of our efforts on helping others, this world will seriously be an awesome place!  It doesn’t have to be about running, but I think that’s a great place to start!!!!  If you want more info on my training group, please let me know!  It’s a fantastic group with a wonderful leader and we welcome new people of all levels, all speeds… we will certainly try to keep up!


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