Never Give Up

You hear me say that phrase a lot.  Never give up.  I say it often not only for your benefit, but for mine.

I am really good at giving up.  I never felt I was good enough at most of the things I did in life, especially when it came to physical pursuits.

I’m not good at softball, basketball, etc.  I tried.  I really did!  But, as a short white girl with little athletic ability, it was easier to give up after a season or sometimes two.

I told myself at a young age that I couldn’t run.  I made excuses.  That I really was good at!  Excuses are easy.  I can rationalize my way out of about anything.

But today, as I have most days in the past few years, I’m going to get up, get dressed, and do my workout before I head to work.  Today is run streak day number 17, I believe.  I will have 20 more to come before I finish.  I want to finish.

I have to keep telling myself that this goal isn’t even truly a physical one.  I can run a mile per day or more.  I can!  But getting up and putting on the clothes isn’t always what I want to do.

I want to sleep.  I need to sleep.  But I know after work it’s supposed to rain.  So I need to not make an excuse about being tired, get my stuff on and get it done.

Sometimes it’s not all glitz and glamour in life to reach your goals.  Sometimes it’s just about making a choice and sticking with your plan until you see the finish line.

I don’t wear Nike’s, but I do like their motto….. just do it.

Never give up.  Never.


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