Hobbies Or Passions?

Is there really a difference between your hobbies and your passion?  I believe so, but sometimes they are the same.

I have a lot of hobbies.  I love to read, to knit, to watch movies.  I definitely consider those hobbies.

But I also love music, running, learning about healthy living, and these I believe are my passions.

I chose that title picture because I thought it was funny, but it’s so very true for me. Don’t you ever just blast the radio and sing at the top of your lungs in the car?  The bigger question is, do you do it only when you’re alone?  I can honestly say I do it whenever the mood strikes, and I’m not always alone when that happens!

I’m alone a lot.  With the biggest exception being the hours I’m at my office working with patients, I’m alone quite a bit.  My husband works very hard as a truck driver, so he’s gone a lot even though we talk several times a day.

My kids are older now, so even though we live in the same house, there are many days I only see them for a few minutes.  They have jobs, friends, school, whatever that keeps them busy and even though I’m happy they are turning into such awesome young men, I do miss my evening snuggle and story times!

Even in a crowd, I often feel alone.  I tend to get lost in my thoughts a lot. I talk to myself, sing to myself, eat by myself, and lately even run by myself quite often.

These are not bad things, I think we can get to know ourselves if we slow down and take some time to be alone.  Think about the things we are passionate about.  Reflect on what’s truly important to us.  Make plans to change the things we aren’t happy with.  After all, we have to live with ourselves the rest of our lives.  We better like who we see when we look down deep!

What are your passions?  Are you following your heart?  Listening to your inner voice and making your dreams come true?  I have to admit that I have a hard time pulling the trigger sometimes on the big things.  It’s scary making big life changes, and for the most part I wouldn’t want much to change.

But I do think we need to take what we are passionate about, or our hobbies if that’s what we love, and make those things a priority.  You are important!  Even if you have a lot of people trying to fill in your calendar, stealing your time, dividing your attention, you need to make time for you.

That can mean taking 15 minutes to read a good book in the bathtub in the evening.  It could mean locking the door to your bedroom for just a few minutes to meditate.  It could mean cranking the radio and singing very loudly in the car the next time you drive to the grocery store!  But I’m a firm believer in doing something for YOU every day!

Enjoy your hobbies.  Follow your passions.  Make a plan for those dreams to come true.  Spending time alone isn’t a bad thing.  As long as you’re working on being that person you really enjoy spending time with.  After all, you’ll be spending the rest of your life with you.  Aren’t you worth a little effort?  I know you are!


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