Ever have one of those days?  You make your to-do list.  You are checking things off like a crazy person.  Everything is going great!

But then it’s getting later in the day.  You’re getting a little tired.  You eat a bite of dinner, nothing heavy because you still have things to do.  And then….

You just crash.

Like hello, your body is calling… Go.  To.  Sleep.  Now.

Right now.

Ever have that feeling?  I’ve been having it lately.  The best thing I do for myself is listen to that voice.

You know you have voices in your head, I can’t be the only one!  And some of them are stupid and don’t know anything.  Some of them, however, are super smart and deserve attention.

Immediate attention.

So, no matter what your intentions for the day, sometimes you have to listen to your body and go to sleep.  Wake up and finish that to-do list tomorrow.

It will be OK.

Trust me.

And, the best part is, you’ll actually be able to get more done the next day if you do the right thing.

Unless you run out of tape…. as was my case this morning.  Guess those gifts aren’t getting wrapped today after all!  Oops.  But seriously, I wouldn’t have run out again last night anyway, so it’s OK.

Don’t let your intentions for the day stress you out so much that you lose sleep over it.  There is NOTHING worth losing sleep.  Sleep is good!


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