Winter is Back!

This picture is from last winter, but it’s time to get used to winter running again!  Yesterday it was colder, temps in the low 30’s with a wind chill around 28.

This morning there is fresh snow fall, I think it’s still snowing too!  The temperature is 24 currently and the wind chill is sitting at 20.

Knowing how to dress in weather like this is really all there is to running in the winter.  That and being safe.

I am proud to say I finally have a Road ID bracelet around my wrist.  In case of an emergency, I carry around my full name and birth year, as well as contact information for my emergency contact people.  But, other than this year with this run streak, I’m someone who usually runs with a group anyway.

Running with people does make things a little less scary, when it comes to ice and snow!  If you slip, someone can make sure you’re ok, or call someone to pick you up!  It’s a tip that I enjoy anyway, because to me running is more fun with friends!

I swear I have more running clothes than regular clothes anymore.  Between base layers, fleece layers, in all shorts of lengths and colors… I have a virtual rainbow of choices every morning!  Usually nothing matches, and I really don’t care!

So I’m heading out soon for day 24, and it’s a group run for those who may want to check out our group they can come today to try us for free!  Even if you wait until we start, your first run is free anyway, but this gives people a few extra chances to try us on for size!

We also are getting a chance to try out Gore-Tex shoes today, which I’m excited about.  They are more waterproof and therefore your feet should stay warmer even in rain or snow, and there is snow today!  Last time I tried them it was dry, so I didn’t know any difference.  They might make a smart winter investment for me, so I’m thinking about getting a pair for the upcoming winter months!

The other thing I will use if it’s really snowy is a pair of Yak Trax.  They are things you slip on over your shoes to give you more traction, and they really do work!  You can even use them on boots if you have a hard time while shoveling or even walking the dog.  There are lots of sizes, just get what will work on your shoes!  I’ve had mine for a while, but as I don’t use them often, they have lasted.  They will wear out eventually, but I’ll replace them when that happens.

Remembering to stay hydrated is super important in winter.  You don’t always realize how much you sweat, because it dries so fast, but you really need every drop of water  you can get, before and after running especially.

I think one tip I can give anyone who is running in the winter is that you should dress like it’s about 20 degrees warmer than it is.  Once you get started, you will warm up quickly, so don’t overestimate how many layers you’ll need!  Zippers are you friends, and cover your head and your hands.  Smartwool socks are a must, they keep your feet cozy even in freezing temps.  Other than that, it’s truly trial and error.  Start off slow, lower mileage runs just to see how you feel dressed in certain ways and see how it goes.  Adjust each time, keep a journal if you need to.

No matter what, winter doesn’t have to stop you from running!  It sure can be a fun adventure!!!



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