Sunday Recap

I don’t normally blog on Sunday.  I like to take a day off, but this morning as I was getting ready to do my Run Streak mile, I just wanted to recap a little of how things have been going on this streak.

I have to say, that choosing to do a running streak is not easy.  At least one mile, every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.  I usually only run 3 days a week, but that’s during training season.  This is NOT training season!

Choosing to do this streak during the holidays isn’t easy.  It’s the holidays.  I want to sit around and eat cookies and drink cocoa, not go out and run!  Plus, there’s shopping and wrapping and all sorts of merriness to attend to.  But now I’m committed.

Committing to this in Michigan in winter is risky when you have no access to a treadmill.  This means outside.  Every day.  No matter the weather.  That can get scary!  But, this month has been unseasonably warm, and there hasn’t been any measurable snow yet!  It’s like my very own Christmas running miracle!

I’m having to run alone a lot.  Not my favorite thing, but at least I have faces like the one above to run with a couple times a week.  I think I would go mad doing this alone every day!  I need to have other people around, if I am alone too much I seriously have too many things I need to get off my chest but since I don’t want to hear about it, nothing will ever get said!  No, not really, I just miss my friends.

Anyway, it’s time to gear up, lace up, shut up and run that mile before church.  Just one today, we did 4 together yesterday, my amazing friend (and the rest of the group too) and I.  Day 25 is here, and if I get it done early, I won’t have to worry about it or take precious minutes away from the afternoon with my husband.  We don’t get much time together, so I will be smart and make sure I don’t have to stop and say “I have to run” in the middle of the afternoon!!!!

OK, enough procrastinating.  I hope it’s light out so I don’t have to wear all my blinky lights today!!!!


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