Holiday Cheer!

Last night was so fun!  It was the largest group I’ve ever seen for the Urban Herd, which in itself made it fun.  Then most of us were dressed up for the holiday in our Ugly Sweater stuff, which was more fun!

We gathered and ran our little boardwalk route (takes us right by the lake, which is lovely but it was too dark to appreciate it fully since the days are so short this time of year) and gathered again at the store.

We were treated to cookies, cocoa and eggnog, even with some adult “add-in’s” from a local distillery!  Yummmm…..

Then, there was a raffle for door prizes!  So fun to see everyone get a prize!  I got a great notebook, I can always use more notebooks!

I was getting really chilled, my sweater and cotton turtleneck was not the best choice for running, that’s for sure…. but after I got home, my friends who were in charge of the event let me know that there was a prize for the best (or worst?) costume and I WON!!!!

WHAT????  I didn’t even realize I was missing something, but I was cold and left so I could get home and shower… I should have stuck around!!!  But, I’m so excited to go in this weekend and spend my gift certificate that I won!  Yes, I buy a lot from this place, but that’s because they are awesome!!! (Shop local when you can… it’s truly a great way to support your community!)

So I really felt the holiday spirit last night.  Cars were stopping to let all of us crazy, sparkly, blinky-lighted people cross the street, rolling down windows and yelling “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” and stuff!  It was sure fun and we certainly drew attention with such a large group.

I’m now thinking I need to find a wicking material shirt I can wear under my sweater for next year… and I’ll need to up my game, for sure!  But it was FUN to see and to run with some amazing people last night.

Especially this person…. she’s always a joy to be around!


We were both REALLY warm with those outfits… plus it was like 46 degrees which is CRAZY warm for December!  It’s going to be close to 60 today!!!!

I hope you’re finding some holiday cheer around you as well.  I’m looking forward to spending time with my family this week.  We may be a small group, but they are mine and I love each and every one of them fiercely.  I won’t see my running peeps until next Tuesday, so it’s a few lonely miles to keep that run streak going until then.  Wonder if I can get my kiddos to go with me?  Yeah, not likely.  They think mom is nuts.  They might be right!!!!

Merry Christmas!


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