Holiday Cheer!

I don’t know about you, but I certainly haven’t been counting calories or worrying about which foods I’ve been eating the past couple of days…. and it’s showing.

Holidays for me are a time to relax and just enjoy some of the foods and things I love with the people I love.  But, the resulting “food baby” is always a present I’m not as happy about.  Maybe one day I’ll actually stick to my normal routine over the holidays, but I wouldn’t count on it.  Christmas isn’t Christmas without cookies… at least to me!

No matter what, the one thing I’ve stuck to is my running.  Over the past few years since I decided to be healthy and fit, even my workouts have suffered during the holidays.  I’ve given myself a very loose reign on my schedule and therefore have been known to skip workouts, even for a week or more, during this time.

This year, with the decision to keep up this running streak, I can actually say that I’ve run every day.  Now, granted, some days it’s just one mile.  Not a large calorie burn or anything, but it’s something.  I got my heart rate up for a few minutes.  I was breathing heavy.  Sweating.  Even in cold temps and high winds, I have done it.  This makes me happy!

I’m certain I would feel worse if I hadn’t at least stuck to this commitment.  I know I could feel better if I would really do a workout, and not skip my Shakeology like I have the past couple of days (I will have one today, I swear!).  My body needs those nutrients, and I can tell I’m missing them.  But I’ve had lots of time to spend with my husband.  I was able to spend lots of time hugging my mommy (yes, I love hugging her, she gives the most amazing hugs!) and even my kids have smiled and joked with me, which is crazy for teens!

I hope you got what you wanted this year for Christmas.  We aren’t big present givers anymore, we certainly don’t have a problem getting the things we need when we need them throughout the year…. but I did get a couple of fun things this year.

My mom has developed a pattern the past few years of just giving each of us a card with $50 in it.  Since we are counting on it now, and it makes life easier for her, we all sort of have our ways of spending it on what we truly want.  For me, as I have in the past, I took it to my favorite store and bought something I knew I would use and enjoy this year.

My local running store, Gazelle Sports, has an after Christmas sale each year.  My shoes were on that sale!  Yes, my $120 running shoes were on sale for $59.99!  Half off!!!!  No, I don’t need them today, but I will soon enough, so that’s what I got!  I even had a couple of other gift certificates, so I was able to get another pair of amazing socks and still have a bit left over.  SO HAPPY!  When I finally get around to wearing these shoes, I’ll definitely tell Mom thank you.  Totally worth it!

My husband surprised me, again… I can’t surprise him no matter what I do for him, but he got me.  I won’t be able to really show or talk about his gift much just yet, but I assure you, it’s something I’ve always wanted and will treasure forever.  I know.  I’m being a brat, but I want to surprise everyone once it finally arrives, so I’ll let you know then!

Ok, I’ve put off today’s run already.  But it’s a lazy Sunday, my favorite type of day.  I’ll run and then do laundry.  Aren’t you jealous????  Didn’t think so.  But I’ll enjoy it and then spend more time with my guy since he’s home for the next week!  Bummer I have to work tomorrow… but such is life of an adult!

Have a great week!  And remember,… never give up on your goals!


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