True Words

I found this quote yesterday and it was just so true to me!  Anything worth doing is going to be difficult.  I don’t care if you’re talking about something physical, like running or losing weight, or living the life you’ve built, or raising kids… nothing is easy, it’s not supposed to be!

Not if you’re going to do it well, that is.  Sure, anyone can “raise” a kid, but are you raising a good human being?  Someone who actually thinks of others?  Someone who knows they are worth the effort it took to get them to adulthood?  Having two boys who have gone through a lot of hard years, I can tell you that parenthood has been one of the toughest things I’ll ever do.  It’s never going to be over, I learned that from my own mom.  She still worries, mothers me when she can.  I’ll always be the mom for my boys and wouldn’t change it, but it’s not easy.

I’ve lost weight.  It’s hard!  I joke about the fact that I lost the same 30 pounds probably 10 times before I finally lost it for good, but it’s still not easy to keep it off.  I work hard for what I have!  The struggle is real, like I said yesterday, but again I wouldn’t change it.  It’s my struggle.  I own my choices!

The struggle to maintain a tough workout schedule isn’t easy.  The running streak is almost over and I can see that light at the end of the tunnel.  I have a friend who is on her fourth year straight of running every day, at least a mile.  She has completed a bunch of races during those years, some of the same ones I have done.  She asked me if I would keep it up after my challenge was over, and I had to think about it.  Honestly, I think I would if I had a treadmill at home, but it’s getting too hard to get out all these early dark mornings by myself, and winter has finally hit.  Thankfully I can run after work with friends tonight, I’m not sure about tomorrow, but the last two days can be during daylight hours.  I will be stopping the streak.  But that doesn’t mean I’m done.

My next thing will be the new Master’s Hammer & Chisel that I talked about before.  I’m just nailing down the details now.  Deciding which day will be my rest day.  I am figuring out just how the workouts will work with the 2-3 runs per week I will be continuing as training will start January 16 for my next season of races.  I’ll have a half marathon in April along with a 25k in early May.  This will be the fifth year in a row I’ll run that same 25k!  It’s truly one of my favorite races!  Yes, I know it’s crazy to think I actually enjoy it, but I do, so I’m OK with being crazy.  But all those lifting workouts actually make me a better runner.  My feet like that I don’t pound on them quite as much too, I’m not as young as I think I am!

I suppose the jist of this post is just that it’s OK to go after something you want, but expect to work for it.  I can’t just go out and run for two hours without getting my body ready.  I can’t get that job I want without working for it, learning new skills, honing those skills I already have.  Nothing worth doing should come easy.  Hard work is good for us.  It’s not supposed to be easy.  If it were easy, anyone could do it!  Don’t let a little hard work stop you from reaching your goal!


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