Looking Forward

I thought of something last night.  I just wrapped up my third year as a Team Beachbody Coach.  Yeah… I can’t believe I’ve been a part of this team for so long already!

In April of 2012, the month I turned 40, I started P90X.  A friend of mine from church challenged me to join his team and give it a shot with a bunch of his friends who were doing it “together” on Facebook.  I really doubted whether I could handle it, I mean I was a runner and worked out on my own, but this was much more intense for sure!  But after much thought I ordered and got myself ready and  joined the group.

Had it not been for the daily interaction with people around the country, and even around the world, I would never have finished those 90 days.  Those 90 days changed my life.  I loved how I felt, how I looked, but mostly I loved the connections I made with the team, my new friends.  I loved how we challenged each other, encouraged each other, bonded over our love or hate of a certain workout (yoga X anyone??).

After that challenge, my coach invited me to the coaching opportunity.  I wasn’t ready, and he was most understanding of that, but the seed was planted.  By December, I was ready.  I had done two rounds of P90X along with a full marathon and was ready to move on to something else.  I did my first challenge group for ChaLEAN Extreme in January of 2013 with my friend and a small group of ladies, and it was fantastic, although not nearly as big or as successful as that first group.

I’ve learned a lot in the last few years.  I’ve done most of the Beachbody programs, I like to mix things  up, but I also love to get that free shirt when I finish a program.  Nothing like a little bragging around town that, yes, I finished Insanity!!!  I am, after all, a badass!

I know coaching can bring so much into my life, it already has.  This year, 2015, I focused a lot on being the best me I can be so that I can give my team the best coach they can have.  If they trust me to coach them, I want to make sure they have everything they need to succeed and then some!

I invested in myself.  Joining the Courageous Confidence Club, the Finish Line Leaders and being mentored by John C. Maxwell himself and Chalene Johnson…. seriously worth every penny!  I’ve purchased books and listened to podcasts and spent at least 15-30 minutes EVERY day learning and making myself better.  All of this will continue in the coming year.  I want to be a rock star in every sense, as a coach, but also just as ME!

I’m taking steps to make 2016 the best year yet, for myself, but also for my team.  I’m going to start with what I know best.  Amazing workout programs, learning as much as I can about nutrition, working on myself as a leader.  But I also want to do things that push me outside my comfort zone.

I’m learning to be better organized.  To take a dream and make it happen.  I want to live fully the life that I dream about.  Not just someday… now.  I have so many dreams, but it’s time to make them real.  It’s time to realize my potential as a coach, as a person, as a leader.

My passion planner arrived yesterday.  I’m going to take this weekend and dive into that as well as the Hammer & Chisel program guide.  This is the year I make my body all it can be.  This is the year I reach my goals.  This is the year I take my new-found confidence and spread love and help as many people as I possibly can.

What will 2016 look like?  It’s going to be epic.  Let’s make it epic!


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