New Year, New Chance!

Lots of people like to start a new year with resolutions.  I’ve done them in the past, but I usually find myself falling short and getting upset with myself by February… so I’m giving up resolutions.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not making plans to make this the best year yet!  2015 was great, but there’s still so much I want to do!  So much I want to accomplish, personally, professionally, physically… life is just getting started!

I love the opportunities that lie ahead at the start of a new year.  It’s like a blank slate.  A chance to do just about anything!

I had heard about Passion Planner a lot last year from friends who had them and decided to treat myself for Christmas and purchased one.  I got it this week and have been looking at it, but I will spend some time today and tomorrow really diving in and making my passion plan for this year.  I need to get over my fears of starting, I swear that trips me up when writing out goals every single time.  But not this year.  I’m doing this for me and I am worth the effort!

I’m finished with my running streak!  I did it, I finished yesterday with the Hair of the Dog 5k, which was a really fun event.  Very low key, not a timed race, just a nice out and back course with a bloody mary station at the half way point!  Yes, instead of water, there were bloody mary’s!!!  I can say this will be a repeat event for me, it was SO fun!

Monday I start The Master’s Hammer & Chisel, the latest Beachbody program which I’ve been excited about since July!  I know that it won’t be easy, but thankfully I have a huge group of people doing it with me that I will count on for support and we will get through it together.  I know the value of support, it’s the main reason I’ve been able to complete all the programs I have so far!

In just a couple of weeks I will also start our winter Run Camp that I’ve been a part of for a couple of years now.  It’s a local group, and if you’re a runner, I encourage you to get out there and find a group of runners to train with.  It will change your life!

I chose the picture above because of the program, for one, but also for the sentiment.  I have found that while I certainly can go alone, I go much farther when I’m with people.  For almost 4 years my running was completely a solo thing.  I thought I needed music alone to get my miles in.  Since joining the Run Camp, I realized I can go much farther with friends.  We push each other, encourage each other, look out for each other.  I love that!

So, with both the at home program and the running, I have support on both sides.  I have my online team and my running buddies.  I have no doubt that putting those two together will get me the success I deserve this year.  As a team leader for the Run Camp I am looking forward to helping other runners.  I’ll be leading a slightly slower group this time around and I think my body and my mind will enjoy the slower pace so I can really help those around me.  It’s not about speed, it’s about helping others.

My main goals this year involve helping others.  Yes, I have goals for myself as I said, but if I can help a couple of people finish a program or get a PR or even just finish their first race…. that will be a huge step for me!

So, how about you?  Are you a resolution maker?  Are you a goal setter?  How about a goal crusher???  Make a plan.  Find some support.  Surround yourself with positive people working toward the same goals.  Trust me, it’s so much better with that daily support!


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