Nobody Is Perfect

Trust me.  Some people like to show off their perfect lives, their perfect bodies, their perfect whatever.  But nobody is perfect.

Trust me.

You know those models in the magazines?  Even they don’t look like that!  Photoshop anyone?  Sure, it’s becoming more popular to show off our “real” selves on social media, no make up and sweaty selfies are all over the place.  Some people even look awesome that way, but they aren’t perfect.

They wake up cranky some days.  They eat too many cookies at holiday parties.  They yell at their kids.  It happens!  Life isn’t perfect!

And isn’t that just about the best news ever??

You don’t have to measure up to everyone else!  You can make mistakes!  You can mess up your diet, miss a workout, throw a hissy fit…. it’s OK!

As long  as you’re doing your best to be  YOU, not perfect, you’re doing just great!

Work hard.  Play hard.  Learn, grow, change, and stretch yourself to be the best version of YOU!

I just finished my third day of Hammer & Chisel and my body is screaming at me in the best possible way.  I couldn’t keep up toward the end, but I did my best.  I’m not perfect!  I’m real.

Don’t give up trying, but stop beating yourself up about not being perfect!

While we’re at it, we all need to stop comparing ourselves to those images of perfection we see all around us.  Think about what goes into those pictures.  What’s behind the scenes?  Exactly!  We have NO idea!

So stop.  You’re not perfect.  I’m not perfect.  But we are real.  And being real is freaking awesome!

Whatever you have to do today, I hope you kick some ass.  Because you’re freaking awesome!  Because you’re real!


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