So I’ve been thinking a lot this week, well for a few months truly, but this week has been full of good thought nuggets!

I’m all about change.  Some changes are easy, some are so hard, and some are so subtle nobody really notices for quite a while until the results of said change starts to become evident.

When it comes to fitness and health, this is most especially true.  You start a program.  You give your food plan an overhaul.  It takes time to see those pounds start to fall off.  It takes time to see the muscles get stronger, to have your endurance show in the amount of work you can get done or miles you can run.

It takes time to start a business.  Building a team might mean you have to change the way you approach people or try new techniques to meet new people.

But if you don’t change things, nothing will change.

I’m having a major mindset shift lately.  It’s been very liberating and I am excited to see the results of it over the next 12 months or more.

You see, for the last 3 years I’ve been chasing a running goal.  That goal was to get my half marathon time under 2 hours.  I’ve gotten close, but never hit that number.

This year, I’m going to slow down and enjoy the runs instead of killing myself over a time that seems so elusive.  I’m going to focus on helping my team get to their goals instead!

Why “give up” that dream?  I’m not!  I’m just refocusing my efforts for this year to see what happens when I take the pressure off myself and just help others.  I honestly believe you get back what you give, so it’s time to give more and focus less on my selfish desires.

This goes for other areas of my life as well, but those changes will be much more subtle unless you live with me.  Those are all about my daily routine, what I’m eating.  How much I work on me and how much I learn.

Hopefully we will all see the fruits of our efforts in a timely manner.  But remember that if you don’t change, nothing will change.  I think that’s the tragedy of so many people’s lives.

Get out of that rut.  Make one change and stick to it.  Never give up on your dreams!


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