Always Believe!

Yes, I wanted to title this “Don’t stop… believing!”  But then I figured you’d all have that Journey song in your head and well, that’s just not nice on a Monday morning, right?  What?  You have it in there now?  Sorry!  (not really!)

But you must never stop believing that something wonderful is going to happen.  Never!  You are worth it and it will happen… if you go for it!

This weekend nobody won the Powerball, which is now going to be over a billion dollar jackpot… now that might not be your idea of wonderful, but it might be.  I don’t normally play, but someone has to win it, right?

Now, I’m not expecting to win it, that would be ridiculous, but I do believe that my life is going to be amazing even without millions of dollars in the bank!

I believe it because I believe in myself.  I haven’t always felt that way, but I do now.  I work hard for what I have, including my self-esteem and my knowledge.  I’ll never stop working to be the best me, I may take a rest day now and then, but I’ll never give up.

This year I’m focusing on how I can help others.  Both with my coaching business and leading the pace group with run camp I plan to be the most helpful person I can be.  I’m not exactly sure what that will look like just yet, but believe me I’ll do everything I can to make sure others get to their goals!

If I can help others, I’ll be achieving something amazing!  I believe it can happen.  I can feel it!

So whatever you’re working toward, just believe!  Work hard, stay focused, and have fun watching dreams come true!

What do you have to lose????  Not a stinking thing!


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