Choose Your Hard

I loved in our workout this morning that the trainer, Autumn Calabrese, actually said almost this exact line!  It really pushed me to keep going through a very tough workout and not give up!

Working out is hard work.  Duh, that’s why it’s called a WORKout!  But sometimes we kind of phone it in, don’t give our best effort, make excuses.

But we are only cheating ourselves.

The trainers in our Beachbody videos aren’t right there in front of you in person, but they are there to keep you motivated.  It took a mindset shift a few years ago to realize that I could get motivated from my TV, but it happens for me all the time!  Autumn spoke to ME today when she said this!

It’s my choice!  I can choose to be mediocre, or I can choose to be a rockstar!  It’s all about how hard I’m willing to work.  Choosing my hard.

So I squatted a little lower.  I jumped a little higher.  I lunged like I have never lunged before!

Yes, I’m fit.  I’m fitter than I used to be.  But am I really as fit as I could be?  I doubt it.  I think there’s more in the tank that I haven’t chosen to give myself yet.

Why?  I have no idea, but I’m working on it.  I’m worth it!  I’m going to find that deep seated motivation and push my limits!

Which hard will you choose today?  Will you choose to do the hard work?  Will you choose to stay unhappy with yourself?  Whichever hard you choose, make sure you’re really content with that decision, and if you’re not… choose differently!

Never give up.


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