In all the changes I’ve been going through, I think that being accountable has been the one thing that has kept me on track.

It’s SO easy to push things aside, to fall back on what’s easy, what’s familiar.  Change isn’t easy, after all!  So whether it’s with weight loss, fitness goals, business, ditching the Diet Coke… accountability is what’s made the difference in my success.

Of course I’m accountable to me.  That’s first and foremost.  But I’m pretty good at lying to myself.  Making excuses.  Rationalizing my behavior.  Let’s face it, I’m the reason I developed those bad habits in the first place!

But being accountable to someone else, or even better to a group of someones, has been game changing.  Dare I say life changing!  Sure!

We all have friends, and some are super supportive, others not so much.  Heck, even family can think we are nuts and work against us when we are changing something that makes them uncomfortable.  Like it’s going to effect them?  Well, maybe it will, but if it makes us better versions of ourselves or makes us healthier, they need to at least get out of our way, right?

I’m so glad that while I was going through my biggest lifestyle changes a few years ago that I found a group of people who were as crazy and dreamed as big as I did.  They have kept me in line, kicked my butt, celebrated with me.  They are my team!  Specifically Team Ripped and my coach, and his coach, who are guys I know count as friends.  I’ve made a bunch of other friends on the team as well and we all support each other every single day!  Some have been doing this much longer than me, some are much newer, but we welcome anyone who is serious about making positive changes!

But we still have to do the work.  We make mistakes.  That’s reality.  The best thing we can do is to own up to it, move away from it and move forward!

Accountability really works.  If you’re looking for some, for fitness or anything else, get to searching!  Find your team!  If you can’t find one, build one!  Get to work.  Don’t dwell on your mistakes, just keep moving forward!

We got this.  No matter what your “this” is!  Never give up!


2 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. Oh so true, I’ve definitely been one of those people who makes a “mistake” and slips up and then I give in and forget about everything. Hasn’t happened in a while since I realized what I was doing to myself. Gotta pick yourself up by your bootstraps sometimes! lol


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