I saw this picture and it just was too cute not to use today!  I’m feeling a little bit defeated today, and I know why, but you won’t see me give up!

It’s taking me a long time to get to my goals.  Some of them I’ve set aside, even modified, but I don’t give up.

Giving up, to me, would be letting the world win.  I’ve worked too hard and have come way too far to let that happen!  I will reach my goals!  I will be successful!  Even if it takes me to my last breath!

Not that I need to get all dramatic or anything, but yeah, I’ll keep working on it until I get there.  No excuses, I’ll just keep working!

I see a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I’ll sprinkle in some fun too, because what’s life without a little adventure, right??  But for today, I got in my workout, I’ll work hard, and hopefully get a little closer to my goals by the end of the day.

Some days you keep working and working and you don’t really see any really big results.  That’s OK!  As I’ve learned the past couple of years, it doesn’t take a major change in one day to reach most goals.  Usually it takes a small change, day after day after day, and the small changes will add up to one big change after consistent work.

It’s like that with weight loss and fitness.  You aren’t going to lose 50 pounds in a week, or even a month, but you will get there.  One pound at a time.  One half a pound at a time!  If you keep working at it!  If you quit, you’ll never get there!  But if you keep working, slowly and consistently, you will get there.

You probably can’t run a marathon today.  Maybe you can, but should you?  Probably not!  But if you work at it, consistently with a plan over time, you can get there!  I know it’s possible… I’ve done it!

My plans may not be huge to some people, but to me they are, and I’m working on them.  Even if I don’t see big results right away, I won’t give up the small daily tasks that are bringing me closer because I know that eventually I will see the difference!

Whatever you’re working toward, you should know that you will get there.  Eventually.  If you just keep working and are consistent, you will!  Be the mouse.  Make a plan.

Never give up.


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