It’s All In The Attitude

It took me a really long time to learn this.  What can I say, sometimes I can be pretty dense!  I suppose life lessons just don’t always come easy, and habits can be hard to break.

I’ve been talking a lot about change which can be scary and hard, but is usually so worth the effort!  I think the hardest, and sometimes the easiest change you can make is just your attitude.

No matter what’s going on, you can see every situation from lots of different angles.  This world is round after all, nothing’s truly a straight line!  So how you look at things can make all the difference!

When I was overweight, I used to blame others for my condition.  I wasn’t taught to eat healthy, I wasn’t trained to push myself physically.  Those things weren’t important to my parents.

But it was me eating those cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes…. not them!  Especially as I got older and actually understood what I was doing, it was completely my decision what I was eating.  It was MY decisions and choices that were causing my condition, certainly not anyone else’s!

Once I stopped blaming them and taking responsibility, everything changed.  I got over the fact that I had done this to myself and realized I could turn it around and make the opposite choices!  Guess what?  It worked!

Do you have a job you don’t love?  Is it the job or your attitude about the job?  I would guess that unless your job is truly awful, just a simple shift of attitude could make a big difference.

Do you feel like nobody wants to hang out with you?  I’ll bet your friends are pretty awesome people, but maybe your attitude when  you hang around them is making them not want to pick up the phone and invite you out.  Nobody wants to hang out with a dude with a bad attitude!

I love people and I love my alone time.  In learning more about myself and how to have an attitude of gratitude with what I do have I have made more friends, become more social, and overall become a much happier person.

My situation hasn’t changed.  I still work at the same place.  I still have the same family, same house, lots of same.  But my attitude is totally different.  It’s up to me to make the change.  I can’t blame anyone else for my decisions!

As scary as that can be, changing my attitude has completely changed me.  And that’s a really awesome and powerful thing!


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