What Will You Gain?

Losing weight is awesome.  Giving up some of our favorite activities or foods, not so much.  But what if I told you that there are bigger and better things out there for you if you try?

Sure, that extra large popcorn with extra butter at the movies with your friends is fun, but what if you decided to do something healthy instead….. hike a local forest trail, climb a sand dune, go line dancing?  You could be actually interacting, learning about each other, enjoying nature.  Imagine what that could mean in terms of strengthening your relationships?

Ok, I love my beer as much as the next guy (maybe more, it’s hard to say), but what if instead of hitting happy hour every week you met your friends for a run or yoga class?  Socialization can be even more fun while your sober… I know, shocker!

What if your friends have absolutely no intention of changing their habits and think your stupid for doing so.  Maybe it’s time to branch out and get new friends.

Harsh?  Maybe, but you are worth it, my dear.  Trust me.

I have quite a few acquaintances, but not many people I truly call friend.  Friends are the ones you have your back no matter what you’re doing.  The one’s who will call you out for falling off your goals.  The one’s who will pick you up and help you dust off and put you back on your feet.  The one’s that will cry with you, celebrate with you, love you forever.

Sometimes we get so focused on our social group that we forget that the most important person in the group is us!  Me!  I’m important!  I can walk away from these people who judge me, bring me down, laugh at my new lifestyle choices.  I can walk away and actually find more interesting, more supportive people elsewhere.

Is it scary to change like that?  Sure!  But just think of all the things you could gain if you gave up all the negative stuff!

Life is pretty awesome.  It’s even more awesome when you make positive changes.  When you surround yourself with positive people.

You are worth it, remember?  Totally worth it.


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